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Monday, May 5, 2014

What's On My Phone

like the amazing blogger that I am, I have no photos to share, and even fewer topics to write about.
I have been working and working out quite a bit so I guess you could say that I have been busy...
how does an entire month without blogging go by so fast? I guess time goes by faster when you're old...
it honestly doesn't feel like too much has been going on.  but here is a little clip of my life lately!

 I feel like the tweet speaks for itself... 
except that Jerry OConnel is old now and really I'm in love with the 2004 Crossing Jordan version.

the jeep died.  it is currently at the dealership hopefully being fixed.
it has been gone for a month now, and Aaron is showing signs of depression

Ryan and I decided that you are never too old for an easter basket.
therefore, we each made one and then swapped.
it was a true sibling bonding moment.

we were rehashing old fat photos of me at work.
good old 2010...

speaking of old photos, this gem is from 2005. how tragic.

no words necessary
I kept asking Aaron to go for a run with me... then this happened.
it seems rather suspicious if you ask me.