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Sunday, August 25, 2013

copy cat

do any of you read Queen Lacie [formally Leather & Lace]?
well I have been religiously reading L's blog for longer than I can remember.
where I am going with this is her blog series titled "What's on L's Phone?!"
a post where she basically photo dumps anything on her phone you haven't seen.
I have to tell you, I think a What's on My Phone" post will be much more interesting than another lame weekend update post in which I tell you I did nothing and ate pizza [I so did not eat pizza this weekend -promise].

What's on My Phone?!

 on our last day of vacation Aaron and Ryan went out into the woods.
they came back with bug bites all over their necks and faces.
the only thing we could find in the house was 9 year old calamine lotion.
Aaron didn't mind the age of the product and slathered it all over his face.
I found his pink mask highly entertaining.
his facial expression isn't bad either.

Breanna got her dress altered last week, now her boobies stay all nice and in place.
the dress fits great.  however her shoes are a completely other story....
that is so not a good look. 

could I be any whiter? Bre is rocking a sweet tan and it looks like a zombie leg to the right.
these are the ridiculous 5+ inch  purple wedges I bought for our wedding ceremony.
I love them but now I don't think I am going to get to wear them for the special day.
I'll probably just wear them for everyday life now instead of waiting.

um ew. I clearly need to hose down my door.
and if I am being completely honest, I cropped out my overgrown bushes.
we got our first wedding present on Friday. I was over joyed to come home to this box.
it was everything I wanted it to be and I am so grateful.

I got pretty tore up at Crossfit last week and I loved it!
I worked so hard at it and these bruises just remind me what a beast I was.
I fucking love it!

guysssssssss! omgpumpkinspicelatte!!!
it is officially fall in Starbucks Land.
next thing you know we will have holiday cups.
god.. I love this time of year.

I am trying to eat Paleo until the wedding [of course I know rice is not Paleo].
I think it is going to be a very difficult transition for me.
hello, I love dairy [and ps, who the heck doesn't?]
so I don't know. wish me luck? my week of hell begins tomorrow!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

we can never be friends

we can never be friends if you send me a text that says: "blah blah, just sayin'."
really what you are saying is that you are a bitch and you don't want me to know.
news flash, I already knew. own it.

we can never be friends if you think I am not funny.
trust me I am and if you don't laugh at a minimum of 75% of the things I say, you don't get me.
and if you don't get me then I sure as hell don't get you. ain't nobody got time for that. kbye.

we can never be friends if you don't reply to my messages.
what this says to me is that my shit is not your shit.
especially when I don't hear from you for days, then get a text with your own shit and "just saying" at the end!

we can never be friends if you don't value my opinion.
I am rarely wrong when it comes to other people's life decisions and I give amazing advice.
don't be an askhole. that is a great word, look it up. trust me, you know two.

we can never be friends if you are an askhole.
which is a complete and total lie. seriously.
I seem to draw askholes in... I'm like an askhole magnet... eff.

we can never be friends if you are a bad friend.
I spend a lot of time trying to be the best friend possible.
if you aren't putting in the same amount of effort you can go fly a kite.

I have good friends anyway so I should probably stop focusing on bitches!

Monday, August 19, 2013

my busy life

how about a totally unrelated photo because I have been far too lazy to take any real pictures recently
this week is going to be crazy for me and next week even worse.

I am starting Crossfit 3x/week today and I am pretty nervous.
I don't think that I am prepared for how physically exhausting it is going to be.
on top of doing that today, Wednesday and Friday I have wedding stuff going on too.
Wednesday I have my trial hair appointment. which I am excited and nervous for.
obviously excited because it's a little bit of a sneak peak into the wedding.
I'm nervous though because if I don't like it... well then what the eff will I do?
 and then on Friday... dun dun dunnnn... I have my first wedding dress fitting.
hopefully with all the working out I have planned [and the juice] the fitting will go well.

yep that is right, I am doing a store bought juice fast.
I read a lot about it online and its not THAT bad.
I drink three bottles of juice each day and I get to eat dinner.
honestly, the dinner is optional, but for me it was so not an option.
juice really isn't as filling as you might think.
I am frickin' starving dude, starving and bitchy.

next week is more of the same.
Crossfit 3x/week, work, I start school on Tuesdays & Thursdays
and Breanna and I are going to the Maroon 5 concert.
shit is getting crazy.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

shitastic vacation

so here I am, day three of our vacation and I am bored outta my mind.
the weather in Northern Michigan is not supporting any of my plans!
we had plans to go biking, hang out on the beach and go to the water park.
however, it has been freezing out and sometimes even raining.

you know what they say, you have to make your own joy/fun, all that shit.
and that is what we have been trying to do. we drove deep into the woods yesterday.
drove, not on a road, but on a snow mobile trail, deep into the woods.
that is where we found this little gem.

we explored all up in that little babe.
and trust me, it was creepy.
I was a fan of the curtains in the kitchen though.

I am also fully embracing the homeless/hunter up north look.
of course, I'm still showering. But ask me if I brought a blow dryer?
even a hair brush is a distant memory at this point.
it's cool though, I just throw on some camo and then nobody sees me.

the main way that we have been creating our own entertainment is by placing bets.
we pretty much argue, then place a wager on ANYTHING that we talk about.
we drove by a million fields of corn, to which I said too bad there is no corn for us to steal.
Ryan of course KNEW that there was and demanded that we pull over.

we also argued that he wouldn't be able to parkour onto the top of an out house.
turns out, that he was actually able to get on top of TWO out houses and then back down.
I won't lie to you, I was impressed, until he got back in the car totally out of breath.

I guess looking back on it, it hasn't been that bad.
hopefully today's activities are equally as entertaining.
I leave you with this little bitty creature of nature.
I am such a girl, amazed by anything alive and small.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the greatest night of my life

is that an exaggeration? I say no. absolutely not.


 let me start from the beginning. 

I am not a huge fan working and I think that if you are reading this, you probably already knew that.
what I am getting at is that I can't remember another concert that I have had to work before or after.
on this particular day, why a Thursday I will never understand, Nicole, Breanna and I all had to work.
this new twist of events [working] made for an even more interesting day.

I ended up showering and getting ready on my lunch break, which means I had to tone down the makeup.
Breanna ended up working later than expected and had to change in the backseat.
do I feel bad about taking her pictures while she was completely no pants in the back of my car?
noway in hell! I missed Pauly D!
Nicole was wise, she changed in the bathroom at her office where there was nobody around to take photos.
we were finally on our way until.. until traffic happened.

have no fear, we did what any teenager would do, we took this as an opportunity for photos.
it really didn't go very well, I assume that most teens have their parents driving.
I didn't hit anybody, but I won't say it wasn't close. Poor Nicole was holding on for dear life.

once we finally got there, we parked further away then I even knew was possible.
I literally parked next to a barn. I have never even seen this portion of the parking FIELD.
absolute shenanigans. 
we got some drinks and then went to find a place to stand and shake our asses.
I did not come to this concert to sit.  I told you last week, I went to have my body rocked!
speaking of body rocked, Breanna did a little of her own secret body rocking...

I had no way of knowing what a huge deal this concert was about to be. 
did you know that they sold out our venue? well they did, and I have the photos to prove it.
yeah, who's the genius with the iPhone that didn't take a panoramic?
don't judge me. my teenage dreams were coming true.

it was a really exciting concert for a number of reasons, a big one being The Backstreet Boys:

a huge reason being The Dance Off:

and lastly the strange melting pot of people that attended.

 I really don't even know what category we would fit into. certainly some sort of weirdos.

 the country folk. by his own emission.
 the bitches. who wouldn't get the fuck out of my way. 
seriously, who walks up to a group of three girls and then stands right in front of them?
snotty girls, who, lemme tell you should SO not be wearing a crop top, who think they are better than everyone.

and grandmas. grandmas with Backstreet Boy poster boards!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Team Player

this weekend was all about the wedding.


engaged in April, married in September = small

we are having a ceremony of around 50 people in my fiances dad's backyard on the lake.
the reception is before hand, and the wedding is going to be at night with twinkling "fairy lights" everywhere.
we have a lot of camouflaging to do one the one side, so we will do a lot of screening with lights and backdrops.
in my mind it all looks amazing, and if it doesn't, they say you won't care. plus I will have been drinking anyway.
up until Saturday, there have been issues with the wedding planning of course,
if you have planned a wedding, then you know, that people are not always on your team.
thankfully though, there has only been one show stopping major issue to tackle so far. 

yeah, pretty much the biggest swing set ever. there are no lights to cover that!
I have been getting extremely stressed and pissed off over its presence lately,
and we have had more that one argument over it.
that is why I am SO happy to tell you, that it is officially gone!!
a long and hard day was spent taking it apart, getting in on a trailer, and taking it to its new home.

now, really, if you take away any lessons learned from this post about me at all,
it should be that I don't really work very hard.
I am more of the team player that cheers you one and documents the process.
which, personally, I think is equally as important.
where would any of us be this Monday evening without these great videos?

oh.. that's right, you would be probably be on instagram because you've already seen them.

Friday, August 9, 2013

What up Friday

lets start this first weekend of vacation off right with High Five for Friday
although I am excited for it to be Friday and the first day of vacation,
this has been a very good week, even though work has lame, I really have minimal complaints.

1. we celebrated Aaron's 26th birthday for the first time on Tuesday and I am excited for many more celebrations.
2. I graduated from beginner Crossfit classes on Wednesday and I am starting the real classes on August 19th!
3. we got our passports in the mail and we can officially honeymoon. Yay Mexico. I cannot get enough vacation.

4. why hello there. Bre & I met this security guard. she hooked him with those looks. names weren't exchanged.

5. crazy girls having one hell of an awesome time. oh my god. it. was. amazing!!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

and next, because I am awesome like that I will write some love letters

dear Kayla, happy stinkin birthday! I freaking love you :)

dear Ralph/Fred/Tom/Hank/Ted/Henry/Stan/Mike/Raul/Jesus/Andrew/T.I. [no names exchanged remember?], it was super great getting our photo taken with you at the Backstreet Boy concert.  I can't be sure of course, but I think you might have been the only black dude there. Way to keep it real.

dear Breanna & Nicole, holy balls girls. best night of my life. I can only imagine how little we would have truly appreciated it if we were really 12. thanks for being there with me to enjoy a night FIFTEEN years in the making.

dear Aaron & Kalie, I love you.  thanks for letting me go off and gallivant.

dear you, thanks so much for reading my blog after I abandoned you for eight months. I missed you and I won't do it again. trust me, these videos from the Backstreet Boy concert will make up for it.


yeah people. we witnessed the best dance off of my life.
this is only the end of it with, who I would have to say, was the clear winner.
you'll have to come back Monday for my Backstreet Boy post to see the whole thing.
but trust me when I tell you, that you have not LIVED until you see three dudes battling it out to BSB songs.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

holy shit balls

tonight I will be living out one of my six grade dreams.
after work, two of my good friends and I will have our lives changed.
we will have "our bodies rocked" if you will.
tonight at The Detroit Energy Music Theater I will be seeing...
some of you might feel a bit of embarrassment or sadness for me
but I assure you that you are going to want to save those feelings.
save them all until tomorrow, when you see the pictures.
I am about to jump up and down like an excited 12 year old all. night. long.
what does an almost married girl wear to a bsb concert to pick up a backstreet boy?
now. now. don't you judge me.
trust me, Aaron would be totally on board with me bringing him a backstreet boy.
he has been telling me forever to get a sugar daddy. he likes money as much as I do.
 how do I possibly transition from that?
yesterday was Olympic Lifting at Crossfit. oh how I loved it.
hands down, without a doubt, my absolute favorite thing to do. ever.
I prepped for the class by working half a day, drinking an obscene amount of water and eating cheeze-its.
it was all going wonderfully until I had to jump rope. have you tried to jump rope recently?
I feel like I remember it being quite easy as a kid... but trust me, it is not easy now.
I definitely almost vom-ed. a number of times if I am being honest. but thankfully I held it together.
I can't wait to lift some really heave shit!
did I mention to you guys that we cancelled our cable?
the back story on that is...depressing really.
so Crossfit is a pretty expensive hobby and cable is also fairly expensive.
and as it turns out, cable has helped significantly to make me fat.
so cancelling cable should help me to save money and lose weight...
fingers crossed.
ANYWAY, that gets me my blogger point, which is that I took a picture of my food.
last night I made dinner! I cooked a meal in my own kitchen for myself. and here is a picture of it.
now I must go do some actual work so that I can try to dip out early with no one noticing.
I have to put the finishing touches and glitter glue on my Brian poster board for tonight.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

people i like

two of my most favorite people ever have birthdays in the month of August.
if you are new here then.. well to be completely honest, you haven't missed anything at all.
nonetheless, the two favorites that I am referring to are, of course, the beautiful Kayla
[you can find her hanging out, being insane, and helping you save money on My Kind of Yellow. Kayla = girl crush!]

and my wonderful and super cute fiancĂ© Aaron!
can you believe I still haven't updated my "about me" section, or written the proposal story?
talk about a blogger fail.. one step at a time here people. don't rush me, I'm like a stray cat. I will run, I swear!

SO Aaron's birthday is August 13th and we always take a week of vacation to Mackinaw during that week.
we love it, but for some reason his family isn't really the biggest fan of our trip. so we have to compromise.
I use that term loosely because really WE don't compromise at all.
all we do is find room in our schedule the week before the trip to allow them to take us to dinner.
don't you love free dinner in honor of someone else? I, for one, love free dinner on account of anything.
so last night, Tuesday night, was Aaron's first 26th birthday celebration!
it is about time he is the same age as me. I have been feeling like a cougar for the last 8 months.



Tuesday, August 6, 2013

go fly a kite

here we are. it is Tuesday again and my hair could not be bigger.

you may be asking yourself, "does she think that is a good photo?"

and I assure you, no. no I do not think that is a good photo.

nevertheless it really does get the job done, doesn't it?

I mean... damn. that hair is big! twice the size of my head. minimum.


this IS my real hair
now that I am back to work I am finding that I have stuff to be Ticked Off about again.
things that I am sure we can all just sigh, shake our head and agree with.
bitches be bitches, haters gonna hate. and so on. 

Here is what I am Ticked Off about this Tuesday

1. filing: I have come to find that filing is similar to laundry. the shit never ends and the people not responsible for it do not understand. like no dude I don't need you to remind me, I can see the shit stacked everywhere!

2. paper cuts: you would think I lost a limb with my reaction to a paper cut... I am probably one the most dramatic people you don't know, and a paper cut reaction is not to be missed. my fingers and emotions are sensitive okay?

3. bad decisions: close friends, or anybody really, making bad decisions that is. of course I don't mind at all when I make them. I do it all time, but when you do it? watch the eff out because I am about to lecture you. I can't handle it. I can see what you are doing to yourself and how it is going to emotionally scar you and I just want to save you the trouble. let me fix you damn it.

4. paying: paying for anything and everything. I want everything I like to be free. I am sick of being too broke for stuff that I like. clothes, shoes, makeup, travel. life is expensive, especially the one I want to have. I turned my cable off and it's only been like eight hours... it is making me really bitter.

that is probably enough bitching.

sadly enough, I need to go do filing.


love you :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

it might just be a come back

I am stealing a little fresh start motivation from Person Kalie today.
the season feels like it is changing, it is getting cooler out, "back to school" is coming,
and I am feeling the mood for blogging coming back on! so duh, a Monday is the perfect day.
I have also been prepping for this moment via social media for the last few days.
trust me, I realize it has been completely over the top. but what can I do?
I have to break back onto the scene! I have to make sure you people know that I am here.

I really can't think of a better way to make a fresh blogging start than a shit ton of social media blasts
and filling you in on all of my Weekend Shenanigans, trust me this could take all day.
just kidding of course, we both know that I spent most of the weekend watching Naked & Afraid

Thursday morning I woke up bright and early and went to Crossfit.
I have been to four classes now: Kettlebell, Squat, Overhead Lifting, Pull-ups.
the only thing I can really tell you is that it is fucking hard and I like pull-ups.
and also, you should not drink the night before you go.
lesson learned Crossfit. lesson learned.

Aaron and I also went and got our passports on Thursday
the process was relatively painless and other than looking a little bit drunk, my picture isn't too bad.

we spent this weekend (Thursday evening - Sunday morning) in Grand Rapids,
pretty much one of my favorite homes away from homes.
which really doesn't say very much because I like travel a lot and I like where we live a lot less.

honestly though... I won't bore you. 
we did nothing all weekend long and it was absolutely fabulous! 

seriously.. how many damn outtakes do we have?
you would think we were a family of 5 or something.
honestly this post was lame. that's my bad.
I might be recovering still. apologies ya'll.
tomorrow. trust me.

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