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Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 13, 1987 :: the most important birthday

I have been scrolling though old blog posts for the last hour. I am looking for the birthday posts I have written for Aaron... but what I found, is that I am a terrible wife! It doesn't look like I've written one since... 2012? It would appear that I also have no instagram photos... What is wrong with me? Speaking of me being a terrible wife, I am also going to Florida, tomorrow!

There he is, the love of my life, my husband. Ain't he cute?

I am obsessed with celebrating birthdays. Even if I barely know you, you will be getting a card, and it will be a big deal. So, as you can imagine, this lucky guy gets a very special week of celebration. This years birthday celebrations began with Friday dinner with Craig. Beers and very casual. Followed by a fiesta at MEX with Megan and Jason. Then a little extra birthday fun with his family on Sunday. You can see all the pictures from that stuff here

Moday was free Bloomin' Onion day at Outback Steakhouse. Tuesday... we moved and packed (a little bit of a wasted birthday opportunity). Wednesday, we had mexican again, because mexican is the best kind of food to eat. However, finishing Thursday, today, Aaron's actual day of birth, will be the most special of all. But I cannot share the secret details of that yet!

Aaron is the most amazing man I have ever known. We have been through so much together, and I am beyond lucky to have him by my side. Right now, we are in the middle of one of the craziest life changes we have ever made, and I would never do any of these things without him. I can't wait to see where we are for his 29th birthday. It's going to be a crazy year, but I can't wait to experience it with him. Happy birthday to a ridiculously good looking and incredibly special guy! I love you Aaron!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

this is nine

When the birthday girl tells you she wants to go to McDonalds or Red Lobster, you go to Red Lobster. You go there, even if you've already been once that week... Once you are there, you order all of the crab legs and, of course, a festive drink.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

flash back :: 01.09.2012

This morning I unintentionally happened upon my old Tumblr. I completely forgot that I had one, so obviously, I completely forgot my username and password. It was a whole thing logging in today, but, my horrible memory is another post all together.

So, I was reading over my responses to this 80-Day Weight Loss Challenge, and what I noticed is that I was a complete fucking idiot. Honestly, that Week One - Day One response is the only one where I don't want to slap myself in the face. Since my answers now, will be so much different than they were in 2012, I thought it would be interesting to do them again. You know, so I can look back in three years and realize how stupid I still am.

Week One

Write your current stats: height, current weight and goal weight. 
Height: 5'3 (it would appear that I have shrunk since 2012.)
CW: as of this morning I weigh 161lbs
GW: I say 130 when pushed for a number, but I really don't know. I definitely have more of  look in mind, rather than a weight.

Why are you losing weight?
I am honestly not trying to lose "weight," I am trying to burn fat and build strength.
Keeping things totally honest here, it would also be real nice to lose my muffin top.

Describe your dream/goal body.
Heidi Powell is a fucking queen. The. End.

Is your UGW in an „unhealthy“ range of BMI?
Nope. Thankfully, not anymore.

Have a vegan day today. No meat, no eggs, no dairy, no animal products whatsoever. 

What is your favorite healthy food?
How am I supposed to pick a favorite food?! 
Salmon (but I'm not an idiot and I cook it for myself all the time.)
Green Beans
The list could go on forever.

What is your favorite unhealthy food?
Anything with a high amount of fat and/or sugar.
For example: cheese, chip dip, kettle corn, ice cream 

What is your least favorite healthy food?
Oh look, 2012 Amanda and current Amanda totally agree. Bananas are fucking gross.

Monday, August 10, 2015

the festivites have begun

First things first, we sold our stinkin' house! We seriously sold our house in four days. Is this unheard of? I had no idea that this was a possibility. The left picture is the moment that Aaron called the realtor back to hear what the offer was. So cute, even in his pjs. The right is when the celebration began. In between those two periods in time... I ran out of gas. Like a real life professional.

Aaron's birthday is on Thursday this week (the 13th), it is essential that you get totally pumped over this news. Birthdays are a very big deal to me. Not so much to him, but, if you know me, even just a little, then you know that everything is always my way.

This weekend was the start of "birthweek." An event such as this, definitely calls for a photo montage. Lets relive the fun:






Friday, August 7, 2015

too mas protein

Looking at these before and after photos, it might seem like I have some understanding of how to lose weight and tone. I actually weigh the same amount in all four of those photos, which, I think might lead some people to think that I know what I am doing. The reality is, I have no clue. My ability to be successful, at all, up until this point is a mystery. At least that is how I feel now, after speaking to a nutritionist. Turns out, everything that I thought I knew, or understood, was completely wrong.

Things I learned at my first appointment:
  1. I workout too much.
  2. I drink too much, (but hey! who doesn't).
  3. I eat too much protein.
  4. I'm not eating enough carbohydrates.
Immediately after my appointment, I called Aaron and said, "my world has been shaken." How dramatic. But seriously! I was, and still am, in total shock. Too much protein? Too much exercise? How? The good news is, she seems pretty confident that with these new macros, I should be losing 1-2lbs easily, every week. Long story short, I have accidentally been "bulking," which obviously would make it extremely difficult to lose weight or look leaner in the mirror.

I am pumped to see how these changes effect me. Abs are made in the kitchen, ya know. ;o)

Here is the plan she gave me for the next two weeks: Calories: 1,500 / Carbs: 180g / Protein: 147g / Fat: 40g

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

home tour?

Today is the beginning of random strangers roaming through my home. The strange thing is, it doesn't even really feel like my "home" anymore. All of the pictures are gone, all the decorations are either tossed on the curb or packed away, there is nothing personal anywhere. Frankly, there is barely even any furniture. I'm not sure the house has ever been this clean decluttered.

We signed a contract saying that we would keep the house in "showing condition." Which has proven to be a struggle for us. Cooking and then immediately cleaning up afterwards seems like far too much work, so we have been eating out a lot. However, last night we ended up making dinner in the Airstream. Yes, we hung out in a trailer behind our garage just so we wouldn't have to clean again, judge away. I like to blame our laziness on being young.. but I think we are running out of time to use that.

As a blogger and avid YouTube viewer, I love a home tour. There is just something really cool about seeing where this person actually does all of the things they let you see. That isn't creepy right? It probably totally is, but regardless, I thought I would share just a couple of our realtor photos. You know, in case you are creepy too.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

our next chapter (part 2)

Do you remember this? Well, this post is basically an extension of that.

We bought a truck, we bought an Airstream travel trailer, and now, our house is for sale!

When I think back to the end of 2009, I remember being so scared when Aaron told me that we were buying a house. Now, I can confidently say, that selling it is so much more emotional than buying it ever was. It's exciting, because we are closer to our dreams than we have ever been before. It's sad because this is the first house that Aaron and I ever owned. It's also terrifying. Where the hell am I going to live when all of this happens?

We met a realtor on Saturday, Sunday there was a sign, and now photos of the house are online. This is all happening so fast.

At least, that's how it feels, but the truth is, Aaron and I have had these plans for a very long time. It's not really happening fast at all. We have had some pretty crazy dreams that weren't necessarily shared with everyone. However, just because people didn't know about it, doesn't mean we haven't been planning, discussing, and working on moving forward. This year, everything just seems to finally be falling into place, and we are on our way towards the flexibility we have always wanted.

I can't really share too much more at this point. What I can tell you, is that this is just the beginning. So hold on tight!