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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

this is how it happened

**all photos in this post were shot by Kayla Magness

I highly recommend her for any photography needs you may have

after the ridiculous post from yesterday I feel as though it is time for a gushy husband post.
it is so strange to think that nine months ago we weren't even engaged.
now I am married to my favorite person on the planet and all of my other favorite people were there to see it.

Aaron and I dated for 7.5 years before the proposal came.
needless to say, it was a complete and utter shock when it finally happened.
and of course, in true Aaron fashion, it was completely random.
just a silly Tuesday when Breanna and I were on a girls trip.

Aaron had spent the weekend with his friend from high school.
they ate too much, they drank too much, they played way too many video games.
I guess he got to thinking, if I don't hurry up, this might be my real full-time life.
Monday [after two days without me] he left work early and went ring shopping.
after he bought the ring he stopped at every family members house to tell them.
my dad & step mom, my mother, his mother, his father, my grandparents
literally, everyone in my life knew before I did.

Tuesday morning, he called in sick to work and hopped in the car to Chicago.
with the help of Breanna they got me to the right place at the right time and it all happened.
I almost cried as soon as I saw him, but I held it together.
I had no idea why he was there, I thought it was just a visit, Aaron is that type of guy.
when he got down on one knee and took out the box I sorta panicked.
"Are you serious?" "What are you doing?" "What the fuck is happening?"
[you know me, of course I dropped the f bomb!] I even said no a few times.
I really don't know what I was thinking, it was all so completely overwhelming.
obviously I said yes

the proposal happened in April
the wedding happened in September
and now all the hype is over
but I am still the happiest girl ever

XXO Amanda

Monday, December 16, 2013

it WAS my birthday

in case you missed my countless social media blasts, last week was my birthday.
yes, the entire week was my birthday. but more specifically I was born on December 13th.
however, the celebrating started on Wednesday and didn't end until Sunday.

Wednesday was sort of an embarrassment... I basically got the party started all on my own.
I went shopping, spent way too much, got Starbucks and got a shellac manicure.
it was actually a really nice time because I haven't done any of that stuff in awhile.
being FUNemployed is actually a lot less fun then you would imagine.
 mainly because I am broke and I am not accustomed to a frugal lifestyle.

seriously Amanda, clean the fucking kitchen!!
Thursday was an absolute amazing day, all the way from start to finish.
Breanna took me for a pedicure, which we both needed [BAD]
[like the horrible blogger I am, there are barely any photos]
after our pedicure we went back to my place to change for lunch/dinner.
we started the real party there with shots of Grey Goose.
[Grey Goose because I am old and fancy now]
after this things get a little blurry, but we did end up at Joe's Crab Shack
Emma was the designated driver and Wesley was there when we arrived.
[no photos of these people, the food, or the drinks] we ended up at the restaurant for about 4 hours.
it was pure insanity, drinking, eating, yelling. and I think it was a really great time.

Breanna just sent me some photos from our time at Joe's Crab Shack

 we also went to Aaron's dad's house on Thursday to celebrate my birthday, as well as his sisters birthday.
I was completely shocked to find out that Aaron had actually got me a present.
[a present wrapped in duct tape...] it ended up being beautiful diamond earrings, but I definitely had to work for them.

 Friday was my real birth date and when I woke up my phone let me know.
I had a million texts, snap chats and Instagram posts [however, none of them were from Helene].
and that night we went to Logan's Road House with Aaron's family to celebrate.

have you ever been? this is the place that has buckets of peanuts that you can throw on the floor.

being the mature bunch that we are, we most obviously had a peanut fight.

and, yet again, my phone was "borrowed" and some interesting things happened.

after dinner we went to visit Aaron's Mom at the bar that she works at.
free and really strong drinks were on the menu [still no freaking pictures]
we spent a few hours there with Aaron's brother, Kevin, and his girlfriend Venus.
I really enjoyed myself.

Saturday started off a little rough, but ended up being another good day.
Aaron and I spent the afternoon driving around in our new winter wonderland.
we also went to my dad's for dinner and ice cream cake.
the only cake I really enjoy [LOVE Coldstone]

Sunday, I went Christmas shopping with Aaron's step mom, Sharon.
that family is crazy. I don't know anyone who loves being Santa more than them.
but it was nice to spend some time together just the two of us.

seriously... this post has gotten WAY too long.
I apologize. 
thanks to everyone who made this birthday special.

XXO Amanda

Sami's Shenanigans

Monday, December 9, 2013

what's on my phone...

I haven't updated in what feels like forever, which is probably because I haven't.
let's get this birthday week started right, with a iPhone photo dump.

 it has been Christmas at our house since... well probably since Hanukkah.
I really can't describe how much I love Christmas and all of the lights.

 this cute little asshole... she is clearly happy about the holiday too.
honestly, she has been a huge pain the ass with this cold weather.
if she weren't so adorable I would probably "rehome" her
[that is craigslist speak for SELLING animals]
. Aaron shaved his head [cringe], not just shaved, razor bladed that shit
it was a devastating day, but I just realized this is not even the point of this photo.
"we" bought a new jeep. "we" are so very happy and in love it.

 see how happy I am?

"we" also got bangs
"we" look great

for some reason my phone keeps getting stolen
I'm not really sure why I leave myself open to this...
probably for the entertainment value

 I went and took my concealed weapon license class and I passed!
I haven't gone and filed my application with the state yet,
the fee is outrageous, but I am looking forward to buying a taser.

I think we might need more technology...
this would be Aaron, laying in bed, on the iPad and his laptop.

XXO Amanda

Friday, November 15, 2013

the deeper meaning

have you ever wondered what the hell the title of my blog means?
well! if you have [and even if you haven't] today is your lucky day.

before you look at nothing but embarrassing photos read this post,
 it is important for you to remember is that this is what I actually look like

I seriously don't even go outside, what is that tan line from...

you know day to day. fake lashes, spray tan and perfect hair.
got it? alright, now we may move on.
recently I created a photo presentation for my grandparent's 50th anniversary
the presentation included photos of them throughout the years, their children and their grandchildren.
long story short, I came across a lot of really great examples of...
well... maybe you should just see for yourself.

when I first "came out" people were like, "woah... look at that red hair"
childhood as a red head was always fun, as I'm sure you can imagine.
from there it just got crazier and crazier, my hair that is.

oh hey, nice bangs [what's great is that you don't even know who's bangs I'm referring to]

Aaron, Ryan, then myself... it's just so... sigh.

there really are just NO WORDS

why did nobody recommend extreme weight loss and a blowout, or even just conditioner, for my college graduation [did anyone need straw for something?]

now I don't want you to think that this is an issue that I no longer deal with.
for that reason I have included a few more up to date photos...

 my beautiful honeymoon hair!

spend an hour and then look like this? why is my life so hard!

I don't think I can take anymore of this. 
have a great weekend and remember to use a lot of hair products!

XXO Amanda

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the haps....

 random wedding photo

so this past week I have been searching for a new job.
recently, Aaron and I expanded the search to a few different states [not just jobs in Michigan].
my main hope is that I find something in Chicago, though I am quite sure he doesn't feel the same.
I have a special place in my heart for the city of Chicago and I always have.
when Aaron proposed to me there it made my feelings even stronger.
the location is pretty perfect too [in my eyes]. it is close but far at the same time. 
I'm not ready to move actually far from home.
I've applied to so many places.. hopefully I hear back about something.
the job market is so tough right now.. at least there are a lot of positions to try for.
whatever is meant to be, will be [or so they say].

in other news my right wrist is fucked. I have seen multiple specialists and the results are in:
I have severe tendonitis and I can't use my hand for a minimum of two weeks.
I met with an Orthopedic Specialist this morning and got a fairly intense steroid shot into the joint.
I then cancelled my gym membership [the gym.. my one true love] and then I cried.
okay, I'm kidding about the crying but I really am equally mad and sad.
the doctor [who was a lot less Indian than I suspected] recommends:

600mg of Motrin, three times a day
a minimum 2 week rest period
steroid shots

 if these things don't solve my problem by the time I go back in a month...
then the next logical step is to undergo surgery [worst case].
actually I guess worst case would be taking the hand off... details, details.
I am sure that it will be fine. what I am not sure about is losing weight without lifting.
ugh, the specialist told me I could do Aerobics -PLEASE. just. please.

if you know of any marketing positions [or if you aren't using your hand] let me know!!

XXO Amanda

Monday, October 28, 2013

my boring life...

I have been up to exactly nothing.
getting back into the gym and eating healthy has taken all of my time.
[you can follow me on myfitnesspal if you are interested]

way back on September 13th - our wedding day!! - I was awarded a Liebster Award
clearly I am... behind with answering these questions, but I am thankful nevertheless.
so, shout out to the lovely Megan from You Just Do for nominating me.

you all know the award and the rules, so I'm not going to post or follow any of them.
if you are all whatthefuckisthiscrazytalkingabout you can read the detail's over at Megan's.

1.  If you could relive any period in your life, when would it be?

I would have to say when Aaron proposed to me.  
it was amazing and I wish I had been dressed better...

2.  Favorite restaurant?

hands down, no questions asked, Kona Grill is my absolute favorite restaurant.
I always go for the sushi, but the best part of this place is that they have all types of food:
sushi, seafood, steaks, pasta, flat breads and pizza. anything you want, they've got it.

3.  What's your favorite dish to cook? Maybe even give the recipe?!

I don't think I have a favorite.. 
I really enjoy cooking and trying new things though.

4.  Favorite reality show?

Extreme Weight Loss - it is like my crack

5.  If you could have any puppy what kind would you get?

I would kill someone for an Oreo Great Dane, and not even just a puppy.
they are so beautiful, smart and lazy.  I just want to cuddle one all day long. 
but incase you didn't know, I already have a pretty lazy, smart and beautiful pup, Kalie

6.  What's one life goal that you have? One you've already reached or one you're working on.

it would be great if I could finally finish with school,
and get a job that I love and am good at.

7.  How did you meet your best friend?

oh my gosh... what an interesting story. and by interesting I mean totally crazy.
Breanna and I met back in High School and we actually hated one another.
it was a really weird back and forth "hey, lets hangout" "hey, I'm gonna kick your ass" situation.
we became close friends probably in.. 2005 and have been pretty much inseparable since.

8. How do you relieve stress?

I love to do CrossFit when I am pissed off or stressed.
there is just something about beating the crap out of something that just cures anything.

9.  How many siblings do you have? Where are you in the birth order?

I have two brothers: Ryan [above] and Riley [below]
I also have two sisters: Samantha [front] and Catherine [behind]
I am [for better or for worse] the oldest of all of them.
Me [26], Ryan [21], Riley [11], Catherine [7] and Samantha [4]

10.  Can you speak another language?

I can speak a bunch of random Spanish. 
when we were in Mexico for our honeymoon a lot of it started coming back to me.
I definitely wouldn't say that I can carry on a conversation or anything though.

11.  What is your go to shopping store?

hello, it is obviously Target

if you wanted to know me even better, I answered Megan's assigned questions too. 



1.  Say you had to name a baby girl and boy right now, what would you name them?

well, if I got to choose the names all by myself then this wouldn't be so difficult.
girl: Elizabeth
boy: Henry
I know Henry is like a nerd name but I just love it. it is so cute.
I also realized yesterday that my baby names are all royal and shit...
I probably need to think of new ones.

2.  What fast food restaurant is your weakness?

Jimmy Johns - freaky fast and freaky fucking delicious.

3.  What is your favorite thing to bake?

I am probably the worst baker on the face of the planet.
nothing ever comes out like it is supposed to.
and more often than not, it ends up on fire.

4.  Name 2 blogs you love to read on a daily basis?

My CrossFit gym's blog:
and a bunch of other blogs that I follow on blogger dashboard

5.  Favorite app on your phone?

this is a questions that I am not sure I can answer.
CrossFit app, Instagram, Twitter, Messaging, Email.
all. of. it. 
the. entire. damn. phone.

6.  Middle name?

Amanda Leigh - I used to hate it when I was a kid.
I couldn't understand why my parents didn't cut me a break and spell it the easy way.

7.  What is the greatest vacation you have ever been on?

I was laid off from my full-time job in November 2012.
during December 2012 and January 2013, Aaron and I took the greatest trip EVER.
we drove down south to Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston and other amazing places.
then we drove back home for Christmas and left again to drive to NYC for New Years.
it was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to take a trip this long again.

8.  Favorite childhood toy?

my brother, Ryan.
when we were little I used to dress him up like a girl and call him Ry-ita.
I love you brother lol
10.  Have you ever been to Michigan?

does living here count?

11.  Can you play an instrument?      

I used to be able to play the recorder?

XXO Amanda