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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


yesterday I went to the dentist...

please don't judge my work sandals... or my self painted toe nails. I know I need a pedi!!

do you guys hate the dentist?
I love the dentist, the man.
I hate the dentist, the location.
I left work early in order to get to my appointment on time.
guess how that went.
sooo great!
there was some horrible accident with three fire trucks and some ambulances and of course police.
two lanes of the freeway were shut down and we were backed up for miles.
smarty pants Amanda (uh that would be) decided to get off the freeway...
that little trip gave that Elvis song 'In the Ghetto' all new meaning for me.
thank Jesus I was driving Aaron's car. the air conditioning in my car is broken.
I would not have been in this area with my windows down.. I could have died people!! *dramatic*
where was I? Oh yes. I was driving to I place a hate and all signs said NO DON'T GO!
but I did, and..
no cavities!
aren't you proud?

since I didn't have any cavities this time Aaron and I took Kalie to get ice cream!

Sometimes & Always #3 bitchesssssss

that's right. I'm excited!
it might be because I went to bed at 8:30 last night:

2 things
1) don't judge me, I have a white dog. I swear these pants are clean. is it totally obvious that I am judging myself for posting this photo of my hairy pants?
2) don't hate because it's still light outside.. sunny even. there's no shame in my game. I was totally sleepy!!

today I am linking up with Megan over at Mackey Madness for my third Sometimes and Always post. three times... man how time flies. lets get to the excitement shall we!?

sometimes: I start a link up with nothing particular to talk about...
always: I figure out something to say.. and by always I mean sometimes!

sometimes: I feel really really really hungry. like I could eat two whole meals all by myself.
always: I can't even finish the one small thing I made, bought, or ordered for myself.

sometimes: I feel really silly for emailing all these great people for advice and sponsorship opportunities. I only have 22 followers after all.
always: I appreciate all of my followers, and all of the bloggers who talk to me, read me, and give me support. I remember that I have been blogging for less than two months and 22 followers is an achievement and I love all of you!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012


it's another Monday people...
sad face.
to cheer this day up I am doing my weekend update almost entirely from pictures!!
also because... I am slammed with work lol
being out sick 2 days last week will do that to ya!

Friday: this was another sick day. we just took care of ourselves with some couch therapy.


Saturday: moving day! for my grandparents that is...
 before the actual furniture got moved in it was sorta like sitting around a camp fire..
of course you can't see their faces. as I took the photo he was like, 
"I do not want pictures of me on the internet!" 
crazy old man :)

goodbye 44404!

doing manly work with tools

Aaron and I were responsible for moving all of her plants from the apartment to the new house. 
it. was. stressful!

we also took Kalie over to their new place. this was her first time ever seeing a pool.
as you can imagine, it was extremely entertaining!
she tried to attack it, drink it, she barked at it.
she did pretty much everything but try to swim.
smart dog we have...

I think the best part of the day was when I convinced Aaron to try these chips:
please be psyched up to enjoy his reaction for yourselves!!!
these are by far the most disgusting, burn your mouth chips. ever.

Sunday: I went to The Pantry for breakfast for the first time ever. it was okay, but I am not about waiting in line for breakfast...

I pretty much did laundry ALL day. Then around 5 we had to make a "brief"stop for Aaron to do some work, and we went to dinner at a new brewery. the food was delicious.
 that may or may not be chocolate on my lip... lmao

and THAT was my weekend!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters {Sick Edition}


day three of my 'cold'
however, I feel like I might be starting to feel a tad better...
which is good, because it's Friday!
being sick on the weekend is the worst...

I'm still going to go ahead and do my typical link up with
Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds to do Friday's letters.

so here we go!

dear cold, go the heck away!! I do not like you and we've already spent way too much time together. dear nose, stop being a bitch. there is no need to be stuffy and runny at the same time!! just be normal PLEASE. dear Aaron, thanks so much for taking care of me honey. I never would have made it to get a Slurpee on my own. you took an extra long lunch and came home early... you rock! dear Kalie, thanks for being better behaved. you have really been only peeing outside and I appreciate it. now if only you would stop eating tissue... dear Breanna, thanks for bringing sushi over last weekend! it was so so so good. I love it when you come over, it's always a ton of fun. please come see me this weekend? dear readers, I love you all!! I can't believe how many page views I get each day and how many additional followers I seem to receive. It is truly an honor. I cannot wait to get out there and start doing things that you actually want to read again lol Sorry I am being so incredibly sick and lame!!

alright. that is all. it is now time for a nap or Starbucks!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I'm dying guys. but don't worry. I am here to blog for you regardless!
I am linking up with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup for:

its ok...
  • to post late sometimes!
  • to spend a little money, and a lot of time & effort to make your blog something you can be proud for people to read.
  • to stay home sick, blog from the couch, and watch a Hills marathon for a few hours..
  • to love little kid food (i.e. Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Gushers!)
  • to be totally looking forward to fall and winter after this intense summer
  • to buy as many pairs of boots as you can!! I LOVE BOOTS :)
  • to care too much and worry about your friends life choices as if they truly effect YOU. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

third times the charm

post number three!
here it is people.
my third post of the day,
actually... it totally doesn't count.
I didn't write it at all. I am just a hub.

I am linking you to a post that really touched me today.
an amazing post written by Erin (please see picture below! beautiful right?) @ Living In Yellow
check it out please, it could really turn your day/life around.

So What! Wednesday

you are so lucky. 
because of my absence you get multiple posts today!
I am linking up with Shannon from Life After I "Dew"
for So What! Wednesday. YAY! I know... you are psyched :)

this week I am saying So What! if....
  • I post my weekend wrap-up post way way late!

  • I love Starbucks as much as some of my family members.

  • I secretly enjoy watching 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'

  • I spend most of my work day searching out amazing bloggers to stalk read

  • I'm having a really hard time holding this grudge but I do anyway because I think it's bigger than just a grudge.

  • it's my job to support social media but I find most of it utterly annoying, I don't have a facebook and I have no clue how to use linkedin.
what are you guys saying So What! to this week!?