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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I had a great idea...

...while I was driving to work today.

sitting in traffic that long allows for a lot of time to think.
am I right? a 2+ hour commute each day makes me more than right.
[long ass commute combined with coworkers I usually cannot stand]
that could so easily turn into a rant, so lets move on, shall we?

my great idea

I have a real life friend blogger, Kalie.
she commented, "positive posts only, please" in the past.
the reality of the situation is, I'm not really all that positive.
I'm fucking negative, sarcastic, and angry.
you come to my blog to get to know me, do you not?
I can only assume that you appreciate my angry humor, and for that I appreciate you!
so my idea is to try and get most of my negativity out into one weekly angry post.
Ticked Off Tuesday, obviously! do you love it? of course you do.

so here it is. edition no. 1

Ticked Off Tuesday

  • I am so tired of hearing about Lance Armstrong.  people act like they personally know him and are feeling some deep disappointment. get over it! he is not your brother, uncle, father, husband, this does not affect you.
  • my gym has the most lazy dumb hours ever. the close at like 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. perhaps I would like to stop being lazy around 7:30pm, what am I gonna do then!? thanks for nothing gym.
  • I fucking hate traffic.
  • I went to the movies and the mall a few times over the last week. I get really worked up when I see a girl who clearly showered, spent like a hour (minimum) doing her hair and make up and then, what does she do? bitch puts on some sweatpants. listen darlings, just because it says PINK on it doesn't mean its not a pair of sweatpants! just, put some jeans on okay!?
  • I don't like it when people ask ridiculously stupid questions out loud. if you are a grown ass business professional and you need to know what CC means because you are an idiot, you do not ask that shit out loud! our lord and savior created Google for just this reason.

    I think that'll do it for my first edition!
    what do you guys want to be negative about?
    come on, do it, it's so fun.

    Monday, October 22, 2012

    images of my weekend & addiction

    yes, I finally took pictures of the shoes around my house...
    and it took awhile, it also took a lot of photos.
    nevertheless, it is finished, and ready for your viewing pleasure.

    but first! a couple shots from the weekend.

    Friday, Breanna and I went and saw Paranormal Activity 4.
    long story short. terrible movie.. well, you know, it wasn't scary in the least.
    it was exactly what one would expect.
    but I did get pretty damn excited to hear that they are making a Latino version of the film.
    cannot wait.
    [sorry this image is so blurry, I took it in the dark]

    Breanna was quite prepared for her movie going experience.
    this would be the inside of her purse, fully equipped.
    fries, McDouble, sour patch kids.
    however, I cannot let her look like a fatty alone...
    I, of course, had to partake in the purse fries [who turns down fries?!], I had an Icee and popcorn.
    it was a great friend date night.   

    Saturday, Aaron was taking his CPL course so I was left unattended all day.
    which meant that I went to Target and spent most of my day there.
    um yeah, I tried on like 100 items of clothing and spent over $200.
    it was bad. my better judgement [Aaron] came back later in the day and I returned quite a bit though.
    which was for the best,
    because we spent a lot adding Apple Care to my phone & going out for dinner and a movie.

    now... I don't think I am even going to say anything about this. 
    I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 
    perhaps I will discuss tomorrow..

    Thursday, October 18, 2012

    the tale of the muddy boots

    first of all...
    how fucking ugly are those? 
    if you said "so ugly I would kill myself before I would ever!"
    then you would be 100% correct.

    now, on to my point...
    remember how I told you I have somewhat of an anger problem?
    [well, if you are selfish and you don't remember, you can read about it here.]
     it is time for me to share another problem with you...
    some call it addiction... some call it hoarding...
    I call it love, okay?

    I love shoes and I express this love by buying a lot of them.
    I understand that many of you right now are like, "yeah sure! we all buy shoes."
    but.. I don't think you understand. I don't have an exact count.. I will do that tonight.
    what I can tell you is that right now I am storing shoes in my bedroom closet
    on a bookcase in my basement, in my office, some in my garage, more in my basement
    well as in a large storage bin that you can see in that photo... 

    don't judge, me okay?
    Aaron doesn't appreciate a good shoe like I do.
    he gets pissed when he trips on my shoes, 
    he basically made me choose between the bin or moving out!
    I usually keep the cheap, I don't care too much shoes in this bin.
    however, sometimes, Aaron gets in a mood to "clean" and throws other, more lovely shoes in there..
    extremely upsetting on a regular basis. but then.. when things like this happen.. it is even worse.

    while getting ready for work this morning I couldn't find my shoes. 
    Aaron has been home "sick" for a few days, so, of course I checked the bin.
    what did I find? those damn boots! on. top. of. everything!!! 
    so not cool.

    thanks for cleaning up though honey.
    love you :)

    you know what is cool?

     such a cutie tootie

    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    shit is about to get heavy

    I kid -shit is staying completely light today.

    did you know that today is Eminem's 40th birthday?
    well, now you do. since I am from Detroit,
    [which I am totally not, but you know how it is.
    if you live in a State anywhere within 30 miles of a big city you just mention that big city rather than where you are really from: somewhere nobody knows of..]
    Eminem is a huge deal.  even if you don't want to, you probably have a favorite song or video.
    what's my favorite Eminem video you ask?! well, I would love to share that with you.

    that is right my friend. amazing video -circa 1999
    I die... I still know all the words.
    can you guess my favorite part?
    "You better think of the consequence (But who are you?)"
    "I'm your motherfuckin' conscience"
    are you surprised? probably not if you know the song...
    the effects in that video are laughable.
    oh 1999, you are hilarious.

    Breanna's favorite is a little more recent.

    "Like Toy Soliders" was released in 2004
    I'm pretty sure her favorite part is his outfit...

    alright everybody, have a great Wednesday
    and while you are at it,
    do something Eminem would be proud of!

    Tuesday, October 16, 2012


    The winner of my Almost 100 Follower Giveaway is:

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    Brittney, you have until tomorrow at 10am (EST) to respond to the email that I sent your way & claim your prize.  If I don't hear from you, I will choose another lucky winner!

    If you are still in need of a big win go check out The Daily Tay.
    Taylor has some big shit going down!
    This Is How Oprah Must Feel...

    Monday, October 15, 2012

    what the what

    on my way to work this morning the gas range thing read

    "F miles" - I think we can all imagine what that is supposed to mean.
    classy Astra. real classy.

    this weekend wasn't too eventful and I liked it that way.
    I got a ton of laundry finished, and I did a lot of sitting on my new couches...
    which you still haven't seen. 
    [which reminds me... is that contest over yet? omg Oct. 21st? that is ridiculous.. what was I thinking...]
    over it.. check the bottom for the winner :)

    on Saturday we didn't do much of anything at all.
    Kalie, Aaron, and I spent most of the day on the couch,
     snuggling and watching The Walking Dead Marathon
     angry face - stop taking my picture NOW

    Sunday was spent washing all of the laundry that we own as well as tromping about the woods.
    it was raining and it was muddy... I'm not an outdoor fan under the best of conditions.
    this was an experience to say the least.
     I got my boots all dirty.. such a disappointment.
    I did shoot the gun a couple times and I think I did pretty well.
    which is a really good thing because Breanna and I went for a run later in the night and it went BAD!
    better learn to shoot because I definitely won't be able to run away from anything trying to get me lol

    are you ready for something terrifying....
    okay here it is. me. in the woods.


    happy Monday guys!

    oh hey, did I mention that on Friday I got my iPhone5!?
    because I did!!!!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway


    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    I'm an A-hole


    sorry guys,
    I did not realize that
    "answer a question"
    was set to mandatory each day
    the issue has been resolved
    my apologies!

    you down with O.P.P.?

    do you know what that means?

    I thought I heard it meant something sexual...

    not sure though.

    today I figured that since I didn't have too much to say,
    yet still enough to write a post, that I would do a little link-up,
    a tried and true favorite of mine. 
    So What Wednesday with Shannon from Life After I "Dew"

    this week I am deciding to say So What If..
    • I cannot remember anything I did at work yesterday other than make my blog look awesome.
    • I got new couches and a new rug and you still haven't seen either? ...I actually feel really guilty. I don't know why I am so lazy... trust me, I hate myself more than you do.
       in the end, we went with the one on the top
    hopefully pictures of it in the living room [and not at Target] coming soon!
    • I have been blogging while on drugs. I think it makes me a better blogger, certainly more entertaining!
    • I was excited for the weekend by Monday afternoon.
    • I still haven't made a new blog signature... I will get around to it this weekend.. probably..
    • I chased this lady down on the freeway so that I could take a picture of her car so you all could see it... and you can still barely read it!!
    Life Without Jesus Christ Ends in Hell
    hey I get it, we all love us some Jesus. But do you really need to be the person driving around with the billboard on your car, in combination with the other 5 bumper stickers you are rockin'? probably not. she also looked exactly as you would expect her too ;)
    • I am totally enjoying the cold rainy weather. I like having an excuse to stay indoors!
    • I saw someone with an Obama and a Romney bumper sticker.. such commitment!! I took this as a message saying, "Hey! I love the president for being the president. I don't mind who it is!" ha. 
    • I am near passing out from excitement over the season premiere of "The Walking Dead"  
    • I just got even more excited looking for a picture to use for the above "so what"!!!
    • I have totally lost track of what I was saying because of The Walking Dead... oh well. 

    have a bomb ass day everybody!
    hahaha    wow.
    oh! don't forget to enter my giveaway okay!?

    So What Wednesday

    Tuesday, October 9, 2012

    holy balls it is cold out

    you should probably excuse anything inappropriate that I say right now
    especially that title... that is a doozy [how in the world do you spell that word!?]
    I am on drugs! drugs for my foot. did I tell you guys about this already?
    they effect[? or is it affect? I can never get those two right] my memory...
    so since I can't remember if you know I'm going to tell you the drug story now.. 

    I am taking drugs because I just found out that I have gout in my foot.
    Gross. and I am training for a 5k which I hope will then become a 10k,
    then a half, then a full marathon. I really want this to be a long term thing.
    have I ever told you that I have arthritis? Well I do, and now I have gout.
    I am so clearly cut out to run marathons. yep. for sure.
    yeah. training has made my foot crazy swollen and hurt pretty much all the time. 
    so I have been taking drugs. 3 times a day. now only twice, though it is still messing me up.
    they make me really feel weird. I have basically no concept of time, 
    a terrible memory, and I say inappropriate things. it is a damn good time. enjoy it with me.

    today at work I manned a bake sale for a charity event called CANstruction
    you can read about it. I am in no mindset to explain it.
    it was great, I didn't have to work for a good 3.5 hours.
    then I went to a meeting about our teams design,
    and then I started working on my blogs new layout.
    do you like it? I just did all of this while on drugs, so if you don't please let me know!
    I still have to update my signature and buttons. funnnnnnn stuff! 
    I definitely need to get that stuff finished before October is over and I renew ad space.
    plug for Taylor and Michelle
    these ladies.. have grown my fan base like they own the blogging world.
     let me tell you something,
    [again disclaimer! I am on drugs!]
    I sponsored other big name blogs and my followers did grow I think... by 10.
    sponsoring Taylor and Michelle for the month of October 
    [before my giveaway] my followers have grown by 15
    hello. that is 9 days so far! so yeah. sponsor sponsor sponsor them :)
    I shouldn't even bother with this you all know they are amazing.

    I have to run today, it is on my training schedule.. 
    as well as the fridge where Aaron judges me if I don't do it!
    Breanna and I are like super newbie runners.
    we are running the couch to 5k program, 
    but somewhat revised so that we can manage it.
    tonight we are running 3min run - 2min walk - 5min run - 3min walk -repeated twice
    longest 5 minutes ever! it just sucks to feel like we aren't improving.
    I don't know if you have any idea, but running when you are over weight is really hard!
    your legs are basically like "bitch you are heavy, please stop what you are doing!"
    so we are just pushing as hard as we can because we are doing that race in December.
    we started training last week and had 11 weeks before the race.
    at that point we were three weeks into a 9 week program,
    this means that we had 5 extra training weeks.
    at this point that seems like a super good thing 
    because there will definitely be weeks we need to repeat.

    I guess I am finished... 
    have a wonderful, awesome, super, fantastic day!

    Monday, October 8, 2012

    A little love

    in a different neck of the woods?
    sure. we can go with that!

    go check out my little interview with connie..
    I mean Michelle!
    you are truly going to love it.

    and then definitely enter the damn giveaway

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    BOOM goes the dynamite

    the time has come!
    the time, that is, for me to buy your love...
    I hope that you will allow me to do so.

     /eos tangerine lip balm - because I like it/
    /cinnamon cider candle - because 'tis the season/
    /mustache duct tape - no because needed, am I right?/  
    /nail polish: (248) Manhattan/Plum, (270) Sidewalks/Grey, (274) Matte Me Crazy Top Coat/

     /Sonia Kashuk 5 Piece Brush Set with Case - 1 powder/blusher brush, 1 eye shadow brush, 1 crease brush, 1 synthetic concealer brush, 1 bent eyeliner brush - because it's cute and support breast cancer awareness obvs!/

    /Eyelash Curler/
    /Gold Liquid Eyeliner - because who doesn't need to look like a fancy hooker sometimes/
    /Sonia Kashuk 2 mini nail & 2 mini lip glosses -
    lip gloss: shirinking violet & sealed with a kiss. nail polish: undercover lover & lacquered lilac/

    all of this plus (!!) a $25 Starbucks giftcard!

    so... what are you waiting for??
    enter to win all this stuff!!

    Sunday, October 7, 2012

    Sunday Funday?

    I am using the iPad this morning... 
    Please don't judge me if things come out a little strange.
    I also have no pictures to fill this post with love.
    BUT I wanted to remind you about my giveaway tomorrow.
    It's going to be AWESOME.
    See ya there!

    Friday, October 5, 2012


    I fucking hate bananas 
    which has nothing to do with this post
    but as we are best friends, I thought you should know

    another thing you should know:
    giveaway is happening Mondayyyyy
    here's a hint...
    it includes a starbucks giftcard
    ...unless I use it first.
    kidding, possibly...maybe.
    yep. thank you for being bad ass readers! 
    like giving shit away isn't bad enough,
    now I am sucking up to you too....
    if you are dissapointed in me, join the club,
    I am disappointing in myself!
    anyway, tell everyone you know?
    great. thanks.

    last night I was talking on the phone to my mother 
    she goes, "I just wanted to let you know... I think I might finally follow your blog on the 8th"
    me, "oh really?"
    her, "yeah, I want to win your giveaway."
    thanks mom.

    does it surprise you to know, that on average, 
    it takes 45 minutes to give you these beautiful posts?
    I am usually working, while at the same time giving you my insight on nothing...
    it is quite time consuming.
    again... I hate myself and I apologize to you.
    I have some shit planned this weekend.. I'll take pictures and do some real posts. 
    don't even worry about it.

    I am also working on a little bitty blog makeover this weekend!!
    I am so happy about this.. since I can't really afford a blog design I do what I can,
    with the services provided to me. shout out to Kalie for my new banner!
    thanks bitch :)
    oh. my. god. this reminds me of something crazy that happened the other night.
    I was going to Kalie's blog to check her followers because I was getting pissed  #blogcompetition
    I was on my piece of shit phone so I obvs made a typo in her url [because it is TOO. DAMN. LONG]
    serious I typed two letters wrong, and do you know what came up all over the screen?!
    vaginas. all. over. my. phone. 
    at the same time somebody knocked on my front door, so I snapped the screen off quickly. 
    of course, the next time I opened my browser they were still there!
    oh technology. you win again...

    have a blow your mind amazing weekend!!

    Thursday, October 4, 2012

    it's okay

    it's okay

    • to be annoyed when people try to ruin our happy blogging place and twitter with their person feelings on politics, babies, gays, anything else "important" or "life altering"
    for clarification purposes: what I was annoyed by when I wrote this post was people's abundance of negativity. blogging or excessively tweeting your distaste for any individual, whether he/she is currently running our country or if he/she will be running our country in the future, or anybody else, is not positive nor is it constructive. I just don't think any of us need the negativity in our lives. so, as this is an "IT'S OK" post, I am saying that IT IS OKAY for me to be bothered with it. 
    • to not always feel like being supportive
    • to know when enough is enough
    • to take 15 vitamins because you think it makes you feel healthy!
    • to wear headphones at all times
    • to make "secret" vlog videos... oops
    • to swear a lot, when there are no children around of course
    • to be fucking awesome

    • to be hosting a giveaway on Monday! its going to be good so be here okay!?

    thursday, already?

    I feel rushed, and thankful all at the same time!

    random side note:
    I may or may not be wearing yoga pants at work right now.
    ...I totally am! and it's great!

    where the hell was this post going...?
    oh yeah, training day, obvs

    Breanna and I completed training day one last night.
    it was heinous. giving up on our workouts and being lazy bitches for a month...
    [who am I kidding? being lazy for 25 years] has been quite the disservice to our training!
    soooo we did 2 miles at a 15 minute pace...
    that is fucking disturbing, and slow.
    I guess the good part is, that even at that pace, 
    we will beat last years slowest time at our race in December...
    which was set by like a 60 year old woman!!
    we are a shameful group.

    something that I think you guys can benefit from knowing...
    do. not. ever. put your car in park in the DRIVE-thru.
    never. ever. do this.
    it is not acceptable. ever.
    this is a place to drive through.
    do not put your shit in park!!
    do not place an order for $35!!
    just get the eff out of your car
    go inside of the establishment 
    and place your order for the country you are feeding.

    ...and that is all
    have a great Thursdayyyyy

    Tuesday, October 2, 2012

    October is here...

    alright people
    remember how we all made our September Goals
    yeah that worked for crap!

    lose 4 pounds...?
    it is safe to say that I did the exact opposite of that.
    [you can bet your sweet ass I've got a million excuses for this one]
    between Aaron's back injury at the beginning of the month,
    my foot injury and our combined laziness,
    there was a ton of inactivity.
    now we are planning to go to NYC in December/January
    and we planning to make vlogs?
    get seriously people...
    I cannot look like this.

    what do they say? a goal needs to be measurable something something something?
    so I am going to clearly state my lose weight method goals:
    1. climb the stairs at work to the ninth floor (minimum twice per weekday)
    2. finish a minimum of 2 CAMELBAKs a day
    3. go to the gym (minimum of twice a week)
    4. do the daily Pinterest workouts at home Monday-Friday (unless I went to the gym)
    5. total of 5 work out days per week!
    6. no dairy: Tuesdays & Thursdays
    7. no meat: Monday
    I wish I could quit meat but for some reason I can't... I am so ashamed!!

    I also just registered for a 5k in December!
    lets get motivated people!!

    continue working on my portfolio each week

    last month my goal was to work on the document 2 hours per week.
    this was completely manageable and went really well.
    that is until I could not longer open the damn document.
    so now I need to step it up to more time.
    I believe that 2 hours on Tuesday & 2 hours on Thursday will be perfect.
    4 total hours per week.

    focus on my blog

    you people couldn't not get any more of my attention!!
    haha totally kidding!
    I probably need to focus more on commenting.
    and also editing the photos that I put up for you all to look at...
    but other than that I think I am doing a great job.
    good job self!

    I even have a giveaway for you guys!!
    October 8th...
    be here or.. be a loser!



    this has been going well,
    however, I could do even better.
    I think we really should stop going out to eat completely.
    boom. October goal :)

    alright... I feel bad for you.
    another completely selfish and boring post for the books.

    tra la la la

    this weekend was nice.
    it was super relaxing and extremely cute!
    and since this weekend update post is totally late I am just going to bombard you with photos...
    and then I'll probably ramble at the end because we both know that I talk WAY too much!

    oh.. another thing... 
    since my post is late..
    my photos aren't edited.
    I'm really sorry okayyyyy.
    they aren't THAT bad though!

    Aaron and I took my sisters [Samantha (3) and Catherine (6)] on a little adventure.
    the ladies were extremely well behaved and surprisingly let me take pictures of them.
    I am still trying to convince Aaron that two kids is too many!

    my life has been totally exciting guys...
    homework, laundry, buying stuff for my giveaway... 
    october 8th!!
    honestly, I have been getting out of control!
    clearly I am kidding!

    I did make one pretty interesting decision the other day with Breanna though.
    we are planning on making vlogs the entire time that we are in New York for New Years.
    you know, like on the road trip there, in the "hotel," 
    [lets me honest, the cloest that has a bed in our hostel] on the subway.
    hopefully it is as humiliating and entertaining as it sounds lol

    omg also!!! look at this:
    I tweeted Kona Grill and the responded!! 

    alright, that is all I have for today!
    be back tomorrow for a real post, okay?
    love you bye!