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Friday, September 28, 2012

Shit Show

this week has not been ideal for me.

Wednesday night we went to the bar.. for multiple reasons.
1. everyone from Aaron's office was have a get together.
2. to celebrate Aaron getting a raise!! money money money moneyyy-moneyyyyyyy
3. I had a shitty frickin' day. working with others is not always a pleasure.
long story short, I had to call my mommy for a ride home.
so embarrassing.
also, I cried like a hysterical psycho.
also, completely embarrassing.
should have known that bar on a Wednesday was a disaster waiting to happen!

all week I have been working extra hours because I had to go to the doctor yesterday morning.
so I finish at the doctor and am heading to work. LATE.
and wouldn't you know it, I got pulled over!!
this is the first speeding ticket ever in my life
[the impeding traffic violation doesn't count :)]
first one, and it is for 15 over!!
that is a big frickin' ticket guys...
and I'll probably have a hard time fighting it since I was actually going 27 over :/
listen, I was driving on a highway with a speed limit of 55, so just stop judging.

next topic before my head explodes.
my boss has a bad attitude which makes me cranky everyday,
and now as soon as I get in this morning I delete an important file on accident.

in an effort to meet your standards of blog posting
[positive posts only!!]
I have a special treat for you!
one of my favorite bloggers, Taylor, is here for you to enjoy.
she is pretty damn positive if I do say so myself.


So once upon a time I was like,

"Hey Amanda, can I write a guest post for you?"

And she was like, "I dunno, maybe." Nothing more, that's all I got.

Well after a lot of begging, and emailing, Amanda finally said I could grace her blog for a day.

So here I am.

My name is Taylor, and I blog at The Daily Tay.

This is a blog where I talk about my life as a professional scooter racer.

Okay, that's a lie.

I just used that photo because it's one of the few photos I have of just myself-

which I've started to learn is a big no-no in blog world.

#1 blog rule- Take lots of photos of yourself to post.

I'm just not good at this.

Instead I prefer to take photos of my dog, Harlow.

Like the creepy dog mom I am, I take hundreds of photos of Harlow all the time.

Isn't he so stylish? He's very metro, probably because we spend all of our waking hours together.

I work from home, so that means Harlow and I are literally together all. the. time.

My only break from him is when I get to sneak away to my improv classes at The Second City.

This is The Second City. AKA the Dream Factory.

Anyone who has ever been on Saturday Night Live started here.

It's always been my dream to write skits for SNL. As it turns out, that's a lot of people's dreams.

So the competition is tough...

But like I always say: when the going gets tough, the tough get going- to a bar.

Speaking of, it's almost 5:00, so I'm needed elsewhere real fast...

So I guess that kinda sums it up.

I blog about my dog, classes at the Second City, and going to bars.

Now if that doesn't entice you to run on over, well then I don't know what would.

One more thing- unlike Amanda, this is not my real hair.

This would be Jessica Simpson extensions circa 2007. Thank God I grew out of that stage.
Now come on over and meet me!

PS- I was kidding about Amanda not responding. She actually responds quite quickly. Very punctual, that one. She's going places.



this girl...
blog crush for sure!

Taylor also gave me the idea to do a "almost" 100 follower giveaway.
70 followers makes that legit right??
what do you guys want to see?
I was think nail polish, gift card, you know the good shit :)
let me know!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my portfolio

for the past couple of weeks I have been working a lot on my portfolio.
I have set a deadline for myself of December 23rd.  
it is really important for me to finally finish this shiz up.
it has been weighing heavily on me, I can see things being a lot less stressful with it out of the way.

you see, my university requires a portfolio be submitted for admission purposes.
and I have yet to finish one..
which means that I am currently taking Masters classes for a program that I am only half enrolled in.
I am taking classes for an MBA, which I was already accepted into.
I am also half way through taking classes for an MArch (masters in architecture) which I have not been accepted into.
who even does something like this? like, who thinks this is a good plan!?
it started off all, oh I will just take the classes while I am finishing up the portfolio..
it won't really matter, they will let me in.
fast forward 2.5 years and I have completely forgotten about working on the portfolio.
le sigh. get it together Amanda.

so I started the portfolio process probably about 3 weeks ago.
guess what happened?
my effing file won't open!!!
I am now starting over in my abundance of free time.

I think yesterday somebody commented and said positive posts only please....
haha I'll work on manufacturing some positivity in my life!!

these are all renderings from a Holocaust Memorial design competition.
this was a team project [thanks for letting me put this online Megan]
we lost but we got an A. so good for us!

have a super awesome Wednesday.
we are almost to another weekend!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a "problem" with anger

typically I have a good idea of what I am going to write about the night before.
however, last night [and let's be honest, even right now] I had no idea what I was going to say.
I'm actually having a hard time making up my mind about anything today...
so far this morning
I have been flipping through Backstreet Boy Radio, Spice Girls Radio, Miley Cyrus Radio, and Taylor Swift Radio on Pandora.
clearly I enjoy working in a time warp.
oh good, this rambling reminded me of what I wanted to talk about. - My therapist said I have multiple personalities and rage issues. So we hit him.
I think I have a rage problem.. you know, like when you are driving along, then somebody does something and you are instantly pissed? 
yep. I have that. pretty normal, except that I have it at work too.
if anyone from a particular group of people starts talking [about pretty much anything] I become simultaneously enraged
of course I am probably exaggerating but this issue is definitely a bigger problem then it should be!

I used to have this problem with facebook...
people are so stupid! 
they either take things way to seriously, leaving comments that dumb,
post way too many inspirational messages when you know they hate their lives on the inside,
or are just really really dumb re-posting those spam statuses that are completely inaccurate.
so in order to save myself from having a heart attack, or murdering someone I deleted it.
I got off of facebook over a year ago and haven't looked back.

in order to solve my work rage issue I have devised a cleaver plan.
I have been wearing earbuds throughout the entire work day.
I avoid interacting and cannot hear anything they are saying.
Problem Solved! - Between our love, your skills, and my rage issues, we can survive any zombie epidemic.

Monday, September 24, 2012

it's fall!!

did you enjoy your weekend?

I had a very nice time!

Friday, Aaron and I babysat for my dad and step mom.
it was a good time.
the kids were very well behaved,
and super cute as always

Saturday was a really busy day.
first thing in the morning Breanna and I hit up Starbucks and then shopped!
we went to Target, Kohls, JCPenney, & American Eagle.
it was excessive. it was also a total shit show.
driving all over the place trying to find boots. 
I'm quite sure that boots are the hardest thing to buy.

I don't know if you guys know about this,
but JCPenney is pretty damn ghetto
[I will typically buy work pants from there because they are super cheap - JUSTIFICATION]
while in the check out line I witnessed a woman wearing the ugliest shoes.
I obviously did the only thing a person in this situation could do...
I sent Breanna [I was waiting in line after all!] to follow this lady around until she got an acceptable picture.
the end result was this:

3-inch, wooden platform sandals 
the largest effing flowers
and a crochet top.

Bre also got her eyebrows waxed by some scary Asian lady in pajamas
I made her climb a giant hill to the food court because I was too lazy to drive her there.
realistically who was too lazy?
she had me drive her too the food court from a different side of the mall.
yeah, I thought so.

I was out shopping for about three hours before heading home to have lunch with Aaron.
the two of us had lunch and then went clothes shopping for him.
shopping for this guy! what a hassle.
he is such a strange mixture of sizes and so picky.
another 3 hours of shopping.

thank God for a venti white mocha

Saturday, Aaron and I also went to a really nice dinner.
it was fun to get dressed up and go do something just the two of us.

um hello this food is delicious!!
the price wasn't even that bad.
pretty much equal in cost to Olive Garden.
which btw, I could not be happier about...
shit was delicious! way better than any recent restaurants I have been to.
I cannot wait to go again.

Sunday we had breakfast with my grandparents.
did some laundry, dishes, and homework
100% decided that we ARE going to NYC for New Years!!

also, spur of the moment decision last night
weekend trip to Chicago.
[Taylor I expect lunch!]
Aaron thinks, "the train won't be that bad"
he will see soon enough.
we are planning for November.
I am so excited about life!

uhhh I found this picture & thought I would let you all enjoy my embarrassment.


happy Monday everybody!!

if you haven't done it already,
make sure you follow in as many places as possible!
Instagram - thisISmyrealhair
Twitter - ISmyrealhair

and email me a lot okay!?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

upcoming feature

I just wanted to stop in
and let you know 
that this week I might have a treat for you :)

haha just kidding...
probably Friday, okay!?

Friday, September 21, 2012

irresponsible friday

(you guys get it right? because she's a dog "one leg" to her is two legs!" bahahaha I am hilarious)

Kalie and Aaron are my favorite people [well... you know what I mean] on this planet.
...this photo reminds me that I must take Kalie to get her nails done tomorrow.
I am a terrible parent.

well, it is Friday again and I couldn't be happier.
work has sucked another week of happiness out of me and I am ready for a break.
alright, in an effort to support positivity I will admit that this week has actually been an improvement.
last week, my boss and I had a talk.
I was pretty upfront about how I felt I was being treated and all that shiz.
she seemed very responsive at the time, and this week turned out to be a pleasant one.
in terms of fellow coworkers, that is.
the job is still incredibly boring, and I feel like its a waste.
I let her know that I need/want to start working part-time in January.
my plan is to graduate as soon as possible and move on with things.

SO remember I said last time I got crazy ideas from somebody like Michelle?

I don't really know if I should put this out there yet.. 
I might just be feeling "super get out there and do it!" today...
but then again maybe you guys can hold me accountable..

okay sorry that was a total ramble.
back on track!!

Michelle has given me the idea to do more crazy things with myself then I typically would.
I am a planner, an over cautious worrier. there are tons of things I've always thought about doing but never have.
this year I started breaking that habit a little.
we randomly went to Grand Rapids. we did a color run in Chicago. 
we made a lot of non-planned trips up north. we just had a fun travel year. 
we even splurged and bought a AR-15 and new couches [strange combo right?].
but now I feel like we are slowing down and I am back into my boring careful slump.

last week I decided that Aaron and I should go to NYC for new years this year.
I have always felt like it is something that we should do at least once just to experience the hype.
and since I am getting to old to stay up past 10pm, now is probably the best time to do it.

I also just decided today that I should probably finally go sky diving with Aaron.
I am terrified.. but he has wanted to do it for so long!
we have no kids and now is as good a time to die as any :)

any thoughts?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I believe in [a thing called loveeeeeeeee]

just kidding
[I mean I do, but that is besides the point]
I am seriously trying to limit my link ups,
but I really liked the message behind this one.
Erin @ Living in Yellow [a favorite of all of ours, I'm sure]
is putting on the "I believe in..." link up

and here is what I believe in!

I believe in doing what makes you happy. 

I believe in celebrating birthdays [and people that you love] big every time.

I believe in being considerate of others.

I believe in lifting other women up rather than trying to bring them down.
I believe in indulging when you know that you really need/want to.

I believe in finishing what you started whenever possible.

I believe in beautiful Bubbys and treating your pets like children, [sometimes better than children]...

I believe in effort.

I believe in good friendships.

I believe in trying on a million things even if you only buy one.

I believe in doing the best you can in every situation, and not stressing when your best isn't what you expected.

I believe in being silly and getting other people to do it with you.

I believe in recycling everything. like seriously, everything.

I believe that nothing tastes as good as... just kidding, I believe that food is delicious, especially sushi.

 I believe that it is only money.

 I believe in picking up trash whenever you see it blowing down the street!

and lastly

I believe in lumber jacks :D

go link up people!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


i hate it when you sponsor a blog...
purely because you like the host.
"oh shes so funny, and so cool, i would love to sponsor her"
you know, not because i wanted more followers,
but because i know this person needs my money 
[straight lying]
and then i check my stats and realize...
this particular blog has already pushed 258 page views my way.
so duh, obviously i had to go buy my spot for next month.
so duh, obviously she wised up and raised her prices.
why meeeeeee.

this girl has got it going on.

that is all :)

birchbox b -itch

so here is the thing...
I am trying not to swear.
but sometimes for the purpose of good humor it is completely necessary..
oh life dilemmas!

also real quick before I jump into birchbox(!!)
Mish (Michelle) just revealed some big fat awesome news.
however, last time I had a notion like this introduced into my mind, 
I quit my job...
lord knows what I'll do this time.
go check it out. she is quite the little inspiration.
and so darn cute! and that boyfriend of hers... well, you will thank me :)

okay so!
I got my September birchbox,
I liked it!!
which was quite the surprise to me, because last month I was totally unimpressed.
[which for some reason reminds me, is anyone watching project runway?]
so here is what happened via image,
yeah that's right I just decided to use my camera again 
[and I set up a little back drop with manila folders in my cube, don't hate

you really have to give it to their marketing people
that is a damn fine package.
extremely sturdy, it can definitely be used for things in the future
[hoarder much?]

I was quite excited to see the Benefit stuff [do you love everything by them? I totally do!]
because last year I almost bought the same products.
I have very sensitive skin, and products like this are fairly expensive so I really have a hard time trying new things.
it is nice that I get to try the sample now first.

and hello, make up remover? nail polish? hair tie? beauty balm?
how can any of this be wrong for anyone. so on point birchbox.
of course the blue is a little out there, I would say perfect for toes though... 
I love a crazy toe [please no green or yellow though, that totally freaks me out!]
I am so excited to try the BB cream. 
it is such a trend right now and there is no way I was paying for it.
you guys couldn't tell I was such a cheap ass before now could you?
I have to afford my starbucks somehow!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

totally tuesday!

none of the photos you are about to see are relevant to this post at all...
they are, however, entertaining, and they will offer you an opportunity to get to know me.
which is obviously why you are here in the first place!
they will also serve my narcissistic need for us all to look at me.

my little baby brother is so cute... 
ladies, I am sorry to tell you that Ryan is no longer on the market.
disappointing I know...
I mean.. all that hair, the beard(!!), the clear sense of style, 
I know you are all in a deep depression now.
it will pass. trust me.


but anywayyyyyy

yesterday was a complete shit show.
I had to get up at like 4:45
which is so not my usual routine.
typically I need to be up around 6 to get to work on time.
which means I get up at 6:45...
[I have an issue with dedication to a job I don't enjoy]
so yeah that was quite the shock to my system.
mind you, I brought this entire situation on myself.
Friday at work I did absolutely nothing work related.
100% not exaggerating.
so in order to cover my ass, I had to get here super early to crank out some work.
I don't know about the rest of you, 
but I work WAY better under pressure.
the issue was that by like 2pm, I was totally burnt out and finished for the day.
I guess it wasn't really an issue... because I am truly the most unproductive employee ever...
the amount of work I produced yesterday morning should cover me for a good 2-3 days.
should that really be possible? shouldn't I have real things to do?
gahhhh my job is sooo lame.

this post is totally A.D.D.
that's why it is "totally" tuesday!!

I was supposed to run and go to the gym yesterday... 
ask me if I did. I dare you!
I will tell you that I went to bed at 8pm last night.
it was magical.

I think I am going to get back on my fitnesspal..
you know you never really know how much you are eating until it is all added up, ya know?
I saw that Chelsea from Yours Truly is doing it and thought I should get back to it!
nothing better than a skinny summer reveal right!!

omg also I saw the Jessica Simpson commercial!!!
I refused to google it or anything like that because I don't want to be bashing a fellow chunker :)
my only issue with this commercial is that in the last bit while she is babbling on she seriously looks mentally challanged.
WHYYYYY didn't they do another take!? 
so sad...

one more last random thing!!

do any of you guys find yourselves in situations where you think you might be sexist against your own sex?
last night I discovered that I feel very uncomfortable with the idea of having a female attorney if I ever murder anyone...
which makes me feel terrible really,
 because I am all about trying not to talk badly about other women and to support one another,
all that, we need to empower other women b.s. :)
anywho (anyhoo? omg why didn't my beautiful mother teach me to spell!?)
let me know okay!

Monday, September 17, 2012


this weekend... ohhh boy
it was definitely a mixture of good and bad.
another roller coaster of emotion! 

on Friday my best friend found out that her 16 year old brother has cancer.
it is both shocking  and depressing.
however, from what I have been told,
the prognosis is good. fingers and toes crossed people.

Friday Aaron and I also went to the Melting Pot for our anniversary dinner.
we used to go to a place called The Fondue Room in Mount Clemens (Michigan),
all the time. basically for every holiday, event, or occasion you could think of.
I wish they were still in business because the Melting Pot did not live up to expectations.

after much review it seems like this post will be mostly me complaining.. 

Saturday I got a lot done at home. cleaning, organizing, down sizing.
it was so nice and extremely productive.
I must have gotten up earlier than I thought,
because we went and bought dog food, I went to two different stores,
did all that stuff at home, sat on my butt for a few, and went to a late dinner with Bre.
overall, a completely lovely day.

Sunday... tiring!
I went to two different grocery stores.
spent WAY too much money.
separated everything so that I can be more lazy during the week,
and played video games with Aaron.
I completely skipped doing homework...
when will I learn?

It was a good weekend, with some bad news mixed in.
I hope that everything turns out for the best.

I love you Bre
my thoughts are with your family
...but you already knew that!