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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

a tip on building confidence

Somehow, I have found myself 325 blog posts deep and still without a clue as to what I am doing. I feel the same way in life usually.. almost 29 years into this thing and I still find myself lost, pretty much daily. What I have learned in all this time, is that confidence is key. Another thing that I have learned, is that often times my confidence is nowhere to be found. Thanks self esteem.

So, what does one do when confidence is the key, but you lost your key after too many margaritas last night? You obviously put your lipstick on, and here's why. If you have ever worn a bold shade of lipstick before, I can guarantee that at least one person has said something along the lines of, "I love your lipstick. but I could never wear a color like that." Girl, please. Why the hell not? Anyone can wear a color like "this," it's easy, you just put it on. Then you walk around like you were born to wear it. 

I promise, if you portray confidence long enough, people will start treating you differently, you will start feeling differently, and eventually, you really will be that confident woman that people already thought you were. You can literally buy confidence, and they make some really affordable options. So, next time your husband questions why you have 20 liquid lipsticks when you live in an airstream, you confidently tell him that it is because you are investing in your future.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you use to help boost your confidence?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

::6:: smiles

I hate to say it again, but I have been in a funk. I am telling you, not working out really makes me unhappy. But hey, more on that topic later...the working out topic, that is. I decided to change it up, and write about some things that have been making me happy. You know... instead of writing about the things that are making me funky...? You get it? You see what just happened there?

(1) Aaron. That is from our 10th anniversary. A very special day. A day that reminded both of us, he is never ever getting away.

(2) Coffee. Always. But it's even more funny to see my coffee compared to Aaron's.

(3) Makeup. Too Faced to be specific. I want to buy all of it, please. Luckily we bought an Airstream with a ton of storage. I haven't had to get rid of nearly as many products as I really should have. I'm sure as time passes and I give in to the gypsy lifestyle, I will come around to getting rid of more... But until then, I will just buy more instead.

(4) Kalie/My new office assistant. Blogging is way more work than I remember it being. That on top of school, managing social media, and freelancing, I could not be happier to have a little help here and there. Plus she is so damn cute. Her typing and communication skills could use help, but I can't really afford to be picky at this time.

(5) These idiots. God do I love them. Some of the best friendships I have ever made. They keep me sane, but also keep me crazy. They instantly pick me up when I'm sad, and bring me down when I'm about to do something regrettable. Expect to be seeing more of them around these parts. (Sounds like I've always wanted to be a cowgirl... there's also a snake in my boot.)

(6) Aaron again. Double whammy. I just love the pretend Aaron smile that he does when I am forcing him into something for a blog/social media picture. He always does it because he won't tell me no, but you can see the difference in the pictures. He 100% does not mean it. If anything, its more a look of annoyance. lol

And that is that! Six things that are making me happy this week, and pretty much every week. Do you have anything making you especially happy this week? If you are a blogger, or use instagram, then I know you are irritating someone in your life with your camera too! Tell me about it, make me feel better. Or if you've always secretly wanted to be a cowgirl... tell me that too.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Trust me, I live in an aluminum can

Alright ya'll, it is official. We live in an Airstream. Which is basically fancy talk for, "I live in a trailer." And, don't get me wrong, I see absolutely nothing wrong with living in a "manufactured home," I just think that my situation is some what unique. I mean really, this ain't no double-wide my friends.

We've had this plan for a long time now, and parts of the plan have started moving a lot faster than I had anticipated, while other parts still haven't gotten off the ground. For many different reasons, my emotions are on, what seems like, a never ending roller coaster. Overwhelmingly, I feel excited that we are so close to making that little dream into our reality. It isn't easy, it isn't always comfortable or fun, but all of the struggling is ultimately getting us to where we want to go.

We have gotten rid of just about everything we own, I quit my job that came with a guaranteed paycheck, and now I live like a gypsy without a blow dryer. Truthfully, I am a little bit of a mess right now and that's totally okay. Things were really busy, and now they are really slow. Aaron is still working his normal job and I have been finding myself pretty lonely. I had a good week long breakdown over it, found myself slightly hysterical, and then got over it.

I got myself a nice freelancing gig, I threw myself into working out again, I redesigned this little blog (which isn't even finished), I'm taking the most confusing design studio of my life, and now here I am, overwhelmed and trying to find time to write. This is my life now, and while I still need to completely adjust, I love it and I love who I'm doing it with.

Your life will always be interesting/entertaining/open for judgment from others.

For example, when you say, "that's the craziest thing I have ever heard," and someone replies, "No. Selling all of your stuff, including your house, and moving into an Airstream is the craziest thing you've ever heard."

Just do what makes you happy, then you can find the humor in almost anything. Trust me, I live in an aluminum can.

Friday, September 25, 2015

where are we going?

I know that I am not alone, in my wish to be as care free as my dog. No worries, no plans, no commitments. Plus, think of all that sleep! But sadly, we are not dogs, and we need answers and schedules, explanations and plans. So, lets get into it then.

First off, new homes all over the place. I thought that since my life looks completely different now, it was only fair that my blog get a complete make over too. I've done all the work myself, so its not completely finished yet. I still need to master the "pin-it button" feature, and enlist a personal photographer, but I'm really proud of how it is all coming together.

Shameless plug: if you need any help with the blogger design basics, let me know! 

Besides trying to finish up a few minor things, I am also faced with a much bigger question. What is the overall direction of my blog... Where is this going? To be honest, I don't even know where my life is going. How the hell am I supposed to make a decision like that? Isn't classifying myself under the "lifestyle blog" heading decision enough? I just plan to share my experience with full-time RVing, health, fitness, delicious food, and the occasional beauty post. So there it is. That is where we are going.