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Friday, November 15, 2013

the deeper meaning

have you ever wondered what the hell the title of my blog means?
well! if you have [and even if you haven't] today is your lucky day.

before you look at nothing but embarrassing photos read this post,
 it is important for you to remember is that this is what I actually look like

I seriously don't even go outside, what is that tan line from...

you know day to day. fake lashes, spray tan and perfect hair.
got it? alright, now we may move on.
recently I created a photo presentation for my grandparent's 50th anniversary
the presentation included photos of them throughout the years, their children and their grandchildren.
long story short, I came across a lot of really great examples of...
well... maybe you should just see for yourself.

when I first "came out" people were like, "woah... look at that red hair"
childhood as a red head was always fun, as I'm sure you can imagine.
from there it just got crazier and crazier, my hair that is.

oh hey, nice bangs [what's great is that you don't even know who's bangs I'm referring to]

Aaron, Ryan, then myself... it's just so... sigh.

there really are just NO WORDS

why did nobody recommend extreme weight loss and a blowout, or even just conditioner, for my college graduation [did anyone need straw for something?]

now I don't want you to think that this is an issue that I no longer deal with.
for that reason I have included a few more up to date photos...

 my beautiful honeymoon hair!

spend an hour and then look like this? why is my life so hard!

I don't think I can take anymore of this. 
have a great weekend and remember to use a lot of hair products!

XXO Amanda

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the haps....

 random wedding photo

so this past week I have been searching for a new job.
recently, Aaron and I expanded the search to a few different states [not just jobs in Michigan].
my main hope is that I find something in Chicago, though I am quite sure he doesn't feel the same.
I have a special place in my heart for the city of Chicago and I always have.
when Aaron proposed to me there it made my feelings even stronger.
the location is pretty perfect too [in my eyes]. it is close but far at the same time. 
I'm not ready to move actually far from home.
I've applied to so many places.. hopefully I hear back about something.
the job market is so tough right now.. at least there are a lot of positions to try for.
whatever is meant to be, will be [or so they say].

in other news my right wrist is fucked. I have seen multiple specialists and the results are in:
I have severe tendonitis and I can't use my hand for a minimum of two weeks.
I met with an Orthopedic Specialist this morning and got a fairly intense steroid shot into the joint.
I then cancelled my gym membership [the gym.. my one true love] and then I cried.
okay, I'm kidding about the crying but I really am equally mad and sad.
the doctor [who was a lot less Indian than I suspected] recommends:

600mg of Motrin, three times a day
a minimum 2 week rest period
steroid shots

 if these things don't solve my problem by the time I go back in a month...
then the next logical step is to undergo surgery [worst case].
actually I guess worst case would be taking the hand off... details, details.
I am sure that it will be fine. what I am not sure about is losing weight without lifting.
ugh, the specialist told me I could do Aerobics -PLEASE. just. please.

if you know of any marketing positions [or if you aren't using your hand] let me know!!

XXO Amanda