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Thursday, December 27, 2012

can't wait to talk

oh my gosh guys..
it has been such a long time,
nine days to be exact.
and guess what, I am still very busy.

Aaron and I didn't get back from our trip until Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve was spent at my father's house and then his father's.
Christmas Day, his father, his mother, and my whole family.
yesterday my dad had total hip replacement surgery,
and we had a major snow storm (the storm was great!).
did I mention that we are leaving on Saturday for NYC?
yep... its going to be a crazy two/three weeks!
stay with me kids, the update will be totally worth it.

see you soon!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

let the travel begin

my big news from Monday [totally late I know, sorry!] is that Aaron and I are heading out!
we are traveling south and not quite sure where to yet.
all I know for sure is that I am very excited!!
make sure you follow me on twitter and instagram to keep up with my activities [check the contact me page]
talk to you all soon!

Monday, December 17, 2012

it was a birthday weekend

i have some big news,
to be fair,
it is probably only big to me,
but whatever!
check back later for another post today!

guys! what an amazing week [and weekend of course!]
I hate it when my birthday is over though...
so for today, I have decided to pretend like its not over.
ready for a recap? yay! I love a photo flashback.

I had birthday dinner at Kona Grill with Breanna, Sharon, & my mom.
it was a really fun [and expensive] time. we should do it more often.

just so you guys know. Breanna took a picture of me getting my eyebrows waxed,
I asked her not to take my picture, she did it anyway, then she posted it on the internet.
that would be my explanation for posting the very last photo, sorry B!
btw, don't my eyebrows look amazing? the lady said I have a great arch... 
 all of these photos of us having fun has me really excited for our NYC trip!
which, did you remember, is on the 29th? it is coming so fast... eeeek!

I went and had birthday dinner at my dads house. 
it was a nice surprise that my grandparents were there too.
I ended up getting a really nice candle holder [picture to come]

Aaron and I took all three children [three is too many] to a Christmas concert [at church].
after all the stuff that happened at Sandy Hook on Friday I just wanted to spend time with them.
seriously... these children are crazy.
we had the kids until around 3PM yesterday [sunday]
which was definitely long enough!
I was ready for a drink and a break after all that excitement.
which is exactly what I did with the rest of my weekend.

tomorrow I will be taking part in the blogger day of silence, and you hope that you will too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

i'm the birthday girl!

people... it is my birthday!!!
are you excited!?  damn straight you are!
I have two presents for you.
one is a guest post from someone I like..
and the other thing is.. it is this:
ohhh yeah. that just happened.
that is a picture of Aaron and I from my 16th birthday.
since I know you can keep a secret I will tell you that this picture is officially 10 years old.
totally sexual right? it does not get more attractive than this.
or does it? scroll down to find out.

Amanda Birthday
Hello! I’m “Person Kalie” as Amanda calls me. 
I blog over at With Style & Grace.  Amanda is making letting me take over her blog today.

In reality, Amanda celebrates a birthday week, and I am sure is off doing better things right now.

But seriously, I got my birthday package in the mail yesterday...
we live 40 miles apart, and my birthday was a month ago!
To set the record straight, I was friends with Amanda before she adopted Canine Kalie (as I call her).

That Jewish dog totally stole my name. Amanda texted me and said “So look, I got a dog, she has the same name as you. I can’t break her heart by changing it. So you are now Person Kalie.” And we have went with it ever since.

I met Amanda because she lived down the hall from me our freshman year in college.

Neither one of us likes to admit that that was over 7 years ago, nor that we are both still in school.

This gem of a picture is from the very start of our freshman year. Thank goodness we both have changed so much! I had to practically beg her to send it to me since it is so embarrassing. 
Safe to say neither one of us look like that anymore.
thank you jesus... how terribly unattractive and round is my face in this picture?
i still wish i had that black sabbath t-shirt though...
I will leave you with a few random pieces of information about myself:

I am not Jewish like Canine Kalie, and I absolutely adore decorating Christmas Trees. 
If I could do it professionally, I would.

I am a shoe lover like Amanda too, but not the hooker heels she wears.

I am a runner too. I trained for a half marathon over the summer but sprained my knee 3.5 weeks before my race and couldn’t run.

Writing in Sharpies is my favorite (as it is Amanda’s) and things must be color coordinated.

I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite. Name that movie & we can be best friends.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

so ticked off [tuesday]

hey y'all! it is Tuesday and it is birthday week!
let's be honest, on a day like today it is getting harder and harder to find things to be ticked off about...
alright, let's be real honest, it is getting harder to find things to seriously be ticked off about
because a whole slew of things irritate me every single day.  are you surprised by that? I doubt it.
so, without further ado, let's get down to this weeks list.

1. the number one thing that I am sure is on everyone's list this week: the twitter & instagram break up. what the fuck people, how am I supposed to properly spread the branded word about my blog happenings?  also, sharing images of Kalie just got a little bit more time consuming... hopefully they will work it out, or twitter will come up with some even better photo options.
    2. speaking of photos: group shots. why is it that we can't all get it together?  I always end up looking wasted in 99% of the photos and then beautiful in the one picture where everyone else looks like a hot ass mess. case in point:
      3. an issue I think most unemployed girls can relate to: I currently have nowhere to wear cute clothes or high heels... so disappointing.

      4. Aaron just told me that my font/brand/blog/giveaway ad looks just like everybody's and does not stand out to him.  hey, thanks for your total support there hun.  go check it out for yourself: []

      5. now this is something that has always gotten me a little ticked... teachers not grading my assignments in a timely fashion.  we all have lives mister, just act like the shit is still important like you did when you wanted me to turn it in!

      I think five should do it. I have a super long study guide to complete today.
      as well as a guest post for a real life friend.
      I also have to mail a check for $110 for having my blood drawn... wtf
      you would think they sucked it out themselves for that price.

      don't forget to check out the new "weekly Kalie"
      and if you aren't already 
      go follow me on twitter [@ismyrealhair] & on instagram [@thisismyrealhair]

      Saturday, December 8, 2012

      pressing on

      I officially got rejected for the position I was hoping for at 5:30PM
      um... thanks for having me hold my breath all day.
      I have applied for a few place since last night,
      but I don't really feel excited about any of them.
      I am trying hard to stick with the, "everything happens for a reason attitude"
      that's all you can do right? of course it as.
      well, that, and get a lot of the stuff done that needs to be done that I can do in my free time.
      let's just see how that all turns out shall we?

      I have a very strong personality, sometimes it gets me the job, and sometimes it does the opposite.
      however, I think the outcome of this position is better this way.
      I don't want to end up with a job where I have to be something I am not 9-5
      at my last job, I was interviewed by someone other than my boss.
      my boss was out on maternity leave, so she let my other co-worker interview and fill the position.
      Lenore and I had our ups and downs, more like friends would,
      we had really good times, and laughed a lot. we also argued. it was more often fun with her than anything else.
      but my boss was never really a fan of my humor, attitude, or my way of getting things done.

      oh well...
      now, I must press on.
      have a great weekend everyone!

      Friday, December 7, 2012

      it's friday, it's friday....

      happy Friday everybody! are you ready for the weekend?  I think yes.

      dear Starbucks, are you out of your fucking mind? thanks so much for sending me an email that made me want a ridiculous, $450 metal gift card! who am I kidding... clearly I am the one who is insane.  dear Aaron, thanks for being so cute and understanding.  dear Kalie, I can't believe the stuff you let us do to you.  I am sure that there aren't too many Jewish dogs who would let us cover them in garland or Christmas lights to take pictures of them.  I love you! dear Birthday Week, I can't wait for you, I am so excited! dear Breanna, thanks for funding Starbucks trips lately, love you. dear Aaron, please don't leave me after our trip to New York.. Bre and I will be on our best behavior, I promise!  and finally, dear Readers!! I noticed I have a lot of new no-reply bloggers leaving comments. I love you guys, I want to respond, help me out, fix your settings. ok? thanks!

      I just realized that it seems like I love a lot of people.. maybe I do?
      lots of love to go around I guess... must be the holiday spirit!
      who even knew I had that in me!! I guess you should take it while you can get it.

      I have two quick side notes before I go!
      one: this is my first time trying to whiten someone's teeth in a photo.. don't laugh at poor Aaron.
      two: I do not think being Jewish is a joke! I have always wanted to be Jewish, my family raised be very... nondenominational, and since Kalie is my only child that is why we celebrate the Jewish holidays together.  I hope that doesn't offend anyone.

      have a great weekend all.


      Thursday, December 6, 2012

      i've got your underpants right here!!

      Its Ok Thursdays

      as I have said a million times, I appreciate "Its Ok" Thursdays because it gives everyone the opportunity to post random crazy things and get support on them.  whether we are being completely insane or the opposite, we can post however we feel, check the link-up, and we are bound to find another blogger friend who supports us.

      with that in mind, this week I am saying "Its Ok" to the following.

      Its Okay that...

      • I went for a third interview, which I obviously thought was a job offer.  we discussed my starting pay and hours for the first 90 days, set up a start date and THEN they mentioned that they were meeting with one other person and that they would let me know on Friday.  yep... it's completely okay.
      • I have a holiday party to go to on Saturday. my boobs are too big for my dress, I don't know what shoes to wear, I still have to get the dog a menorah... overall, I am just not prepared for December 8th.
      • my birthday week starts on Sunday!! dinner on Sunday with Aaron's family.  nail appointment on Monday [thank god. I am no longer normal, I cannot paint my own nails... shellac.. it's a way of life].  dinner with my dad on Wednesday.  a fancy dinner with Aaron and his mom on my actual birthday, Thursday. another fancy dinner and drinking on Friday with a bunch of the girls. another family thing on Saturday and a 5k on Sunday!  I do it big people... I might be full of myself, and I might have just told you all about it. but I mean... Tuesday is still open?
      • Breanna and I went to buy coldgear Under Armour during her break yesterday.  Long story short she wasn't wearing any underwear.  I actually had a pair I had never worn so I was like, lets save time, just come here, you can have them [best friends].  She pulled up to my house and I was waiting in the car.  I live on a corner lot of a pretty busy street, when she pulled up there were probably 3-4 cars stopped at the intersection.  I rolled down my window holding the rainbow colored thong out, screaming, "I've got your underpants right here!"
      • I interact more with blog friends than real people? what does that mean, real people? I just mean face to face interaction.. I feel like a teenager, I'm sitting on the couch with Aaron and I bust out laughing, "hahahahaha, so and so just said the funniest thing on twitter!!" email or whatever else. is this a problem? nah.
      alright, I have got to go buy a dradle and a menorah... and maybe a dress that fits my boobs.
      see you guys tomorrow!!

      Tuesday, December 4, 2012

      my life

      well, it hasn't exactly taken off quite yet...
      I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Architecture.
      and I have had 3 "grown-up"/"real"/full-time [whatever you choose to call them] jobs since then.
      now I am unemployed.  clearly, you can gather that none of those jobs have worked out.
      it's pretty safe to say that I didn't like any of them...
      Construction Estimator, Construction Management Office Manager, and
      Marketing Coordinator at a large firm in Detroit, Michigan.

      I don't know if this is true for every field,
      but with Architecture, I feel that college was a complete and total LIE.
      you are just given a completely different impression of what your duties will be.
      real life is not as hands on as school is.  you hardly ever get to use all those great ideas you have.
      besides that, your mind is clouded by the fact that you spend all your time with your friends.
      even the shitty stuff is better because you are with people you love all the time.

      so I have been thinking a lot about what I actually WANT to do with myself.
      it's hard... I don't know why. but really..
      I have, like, ideas, they seem good, but I have no idea how to make my ideas a real job.
      also, you know how when you feel like you have a great idea you can't tell anyone?
      you can't tell anyone because somebody might steal it... well not you guys...
      but this is the internet. there are trolls out there people!

      do you know what I really want to do?  I want to flip houses.
      don't laugh. I know that this is a huge dream...
      the economy, the housing market, blah blah crush my dreams.
      I know it's totally crazy, but I can't help it. I totally want to.
      here's a problem, I'm not very handy haha
      one day, even if it is just once, I am totally going to do it.

      well if you made it all the way to the end of this post then I appreciate you.
      thanks so much for sticking it out, and I am sorry.  I don't think this really went anywhere at all...
      but it's nice to get things off our chest every once in awhile.

      ticked off Tuesday

      ticked off Tuesday is sure to be a big deal... one of these Tuesdays in the future!
      you can tell from the picture... right? totally.
      until then you can just enjoy me rambling as per usual.
      though... I am having somewhat of a difficult time being "ticked off".
      I got an email this morning that sounded like some pretty good news!
      secret keeping until I am more sure.
      but since Person Kalie joined in the fun today I better get my ass in gear.

      ticked off tuesday - Green Edition

      1. this is something that really pushes me over the edge -when people act like they are doing somebody else, anybody else, a favor by recycling or being environmentally conscious.  listen ass hat.  sure, you might be giving the future generations a better quality of life, however, more importantly, you are helping the planet that YOU live on right now. yep that is right, you are helping yourself. imagine that.
      2. closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam. otherwise known as STYROFOAM. just don't use the shit. its bad.
      3. printing emails. dude... its called E[lectronic]-mail! knock it off.
      4. just in general, people leaving their trash out and about in the world.  if I can pick your crap up and find a trash can, I am fairly sure that you can locate one too.  just throw it in a trash can, or keep it in your car! I don't want to touch your gross cup!
      I just realized that this is not entertaining at all, I am honestly just on a rant... sorry :)

      see you guys tomorrow, I have some interesting things to share...
      I am pretty jazzed about the whole thing.

      Monday, December 3, 2012

      did I ever tell you...

      that Kalie [my dog] is Jewish?
      I'm not so sure how this might have come up, other than the fact that I am obsessed.
      but, now you know! Kalie, is in fact [side note, I have always thought in fact was one word] Jewish.
      her religious background might explain why she looks so annoyed in this photo:
      regardless of her mood, [ya know, being forced into Christmas garb] she looks incredibly cute!
      before I got laid off I had plans of also forcing her to do some sort of Hanukkah giveaway on the blog.
      you know, something like the 12 days of Christmas... the 8 nights of Kalie/Hanukkah
      I would take a new picture of her each day, 
      and she would do a nightly giveaway to a different follower each night of Hanukkah.
      however, now both of us is broke and she will be lucky to get anything for Hanukkah.
      [how many times can I say Hanukkah in this post?]

      keeping in the theme of the holidays...
      yesterday was incredibly stressful for me.
      holidays, stress, you know... it's all the same.
      I took my first baby pictures last night.
      I basically thought I was going to vomit all day.
      babies move a lot you guys...
      a lot more than a dog staring at a cookie.
      overall it was really good practice and I got some good shots.
      I look forward to showing you more.
      follow me on instagram to see tons of photos from my everyday life too [thisismyrealhair]

      have an awesome day, okay?!
      and if you have any ideas for Ticked Off Tuesday email them to me!!

      Thursday, November 29, 2012

      one month from now...

      ...I will be on my way to New York City for new years eve.
      it is crazy to even think about it.
      there are so many things to do before then,
      figure out what to wear/pack, lose as much weight as possible, 
      grow my hair as much as possible so I don't look like a boy in a hat.. you know, super important things!

      but for right now, I have to focus on things that are important in real life.
      I have to pick Aaron up in 30 minutes, to take him to get another spinal injection.
      his injury makes me so nervous... 
      we have so many plans, traveling, adventures [skydiving!], children.
      if he can barely get around now, what will happen in the future?

      have a good day everyone and wish me luck!

      Monday, November 26, 2012

      26 in 26

      I guess it is time again, for me to do something that everybody is doing...
      I feel like I have been an individual for far too long now.
      so as a follower, I shall now complete my 26 in 26 list.
      why am I so old...

      of course I don't turn 26 until December 13th [that is your second reminder, don't forget now people!]
      but this will give me a little bit of a head start, you know,
      in case the opportunity arises to do something to better myself [obviously!] before my birthday.
      lets not pretend that some items on this list aren't going to be completely retarded or selfish, because they totally are.
      if this is not the kind of list that you are looking for, go find a different list!

      I suck at segways, so let's just get down to it already.

      1. be in NYC at midnight on New Years Eve
      2. visit California 
      3. visit 20 of the 50 United States
      4. finish my portfolio for grad school
      5. be accepted into the Masters in Architecture program
      6. finish all 3 studio courses for my graduate degree
      7. lose 50lbs
      8. run a 5k in under 45 minutes
      9. grow my hair out
      10. pay off all credit card debit
      11. pay off at least one of my student loans
      12. finish all of the renovation work on our house so that we can move!
      13. expand my photography skills
      14. stop swearing
      15. keep blogging consistently
      16. reach 500 followers
      17. get a job I love
      18. be a more positive person
      19. go sky diving 
      20. start a 401k
      21. do something helpful/kind for someone else without them knowing 
      22. donate plasma
      23. volunteer
      24. read and finish six books
      25. complete a scrap book for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary 
      26. go to a psychic and have my fortune told

      Thursday, November 22, 2012

      everyday... but mostly today

      I am thankful for a lot.

      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating this American holiday. 
      why does it always take something silly, like a holiday, to make you remember how lucky you are?
      I have actually be given this post a lot of thought during my little life crisis here.
      there is a ton to be thankful for, and without some of it [them] I would be probably be homeless or something.

      we are all busy people today, so I will keep this brief [ha]
      without further rambling, I give you my bullet points of thankfulness....

      I am thankful for...

       [oh god, talk about a wide load... hit the gym Amanda!]
      • Aaron. seriously, love of my life, and currently paying for my life.  we are the exact opposites, he is never loud or stressed, never worries or gets anxiety over anything.  he keeps me calm and takes care of me, but never makes me feel like I owe him anything.  he is amazing and I am so so lucky to have him.

       [don't you just love low quality cell phone pictures? and my head in the last one.. wtf]
      • Family.what a bunch of wack-a-doodles! I couldn't go a day without these crazies. I love them so much. sure we argue... some might say a lot, but that is just called passion people! I have a great family and we would do anything for one another.

      • Kalie. oh gosh. this dog is my child, it is completely ridiculous. now that we got new furniture I have to wash her paws off every single time she comes into the house... that, my friends, is love. I can't stand to be away from her cute little face! ugh, I need to move on now.

      • Breanna. who else can I exchange ridiculous self photos with? who else will always give me inspiration regarding what to write about? who else will always listen to me freak the eff out for 7 minutes, then 3 minutes later logically talk myself out of whatever my problem was. there are really not too many people who can pick up what I am throwing down, and there are probably fewer who want to! bottom line: lost without her.

      now for a few silly things that I am thankful for:

      • Taylor Swift [girl crush]
      • Iced Coffee
      • Google
      • the iPhone5
      • twitter
      • bloggy friendships. Kayla, Michelle, and Alicia I am talking about you! 
      have an amazing day everybody!!

      Thursday, November 15, 2012

      it's all going to be okay

      Its Ok Thursdays

      I am not yet fully recovered from the surprise of Tuesday.
      even though I hated the job and dreamed of quitting everyday, its still kinda rough.
      instead of neglecting you, I will do the "Its Ok" linkup, and be back tomorrow with a real post.

      it's ok that...

      • I am no longer employed. [duh] I didn't like my job and now I have time to do things that I do like!
      • I haven't really done too much school stuff yet. I am focused on deep cleaning the house and it is going very well.
      • I really really really think that I am going to buy Taylor Swift tickets today. I am not collecting unemployment, therefore, I can still purchase frivolous fun things!! and hello, I have a presale code.. pretty much a sign right?!
      • we currently have no plans to cancel any of our NYC trips. I mean, why waste the freedom right?!
      • I went grocery shopping at two different places yesterday to save money! I also plan on hitting up one more location today. I am filling this house up and cooking all the time. Aaron actually got a hot lunch outta me yesterday.
      • I always buy buy buy and then go and return 90% of my purchases... I think the lighting in stores clouds my judgement?
      • I haven't used my camera in... I don't know how long... today I will change that!
      • I thanked Jesus that I got my hair and nails done before getting laid-off... 
      alrighty, that is it.
      I am off to the Detroit Institute of Arts, Kinko's, and a bunch of other crazy good shit!

      Tuesday, November 13, 2012

      laid off

      I guess I was right about those strange things that have been happening. I got laid off right after I published my post this morning!

      Do me a favor and click on some ads ok? :)

      cha ching! it is time again.

      it's ticked off tuesday!!

      I will have to admit it guys... by this time in the morning I am usually pretty ticked off.
      however, today is a half day of work for me, 
      and I have also started taking the office space approach to work, 
      it is all paying off in terms of my mood.
      but, since it is Tuesday, and since I love you, I will try my best to get more angry!

      this week, or maybe just today, I am ticked off about:

      • personalized license plates. sure it might be because I am dumb and can't make out what they say half the time, or because I hate traffic and trying to decode your secret effing message just pisses me off. But then there is the other half of the time where it is extremely clear what the plate says, and what it says my friend, is that you are a damn idiot! 
      • word's with friends, the board game. people... this game has been around for a very long time and it's name is SCRABBLE! what. the. fuck.
      • professors who assume I know things. if you didn't teach me how to use Microsoft Excel there is a pretty decent chance that I have no idea how to use it! "Using the CORREL function correlate light vehicle sales with real GDP." I'm sorry, did you just speak to me in Chinese??!
      • when people don't say "bless you" to a person who has sneezed. what's your problem? what do you have against this person? stop being such an a-hole.
      and lastly!
      • my ear infection will not go away. not because of the pain, or because of the annoying ear drops that I have to have Aaron put in there. I am ticked off that I can't wear an earbud in my left ear, which of course, is the ear that faces the annoying cackling bitches in my office. sigh. [is earbud the proper singular conversion for earbuds??]

       side notes!

      1. I am participating in a really great giveaway on Taylor's blog [The Daily Tay]. I know you are all like, hello you are always doing something on Taylor's blog. and you people are right. it might be because I like to see Harlow and it might be because she's hilarious. Hell, it might be both. Go find out for yourself and win some stuff while you are at it!
      1. [do you know how old I am? 25... I turn 26 in one month exactly, I expect gifts] my mommy is coming over tonight to help me look for independent health insurance. I am hoping to get an offer on this new job so I want to be prepared. I also want to quit daily so I should be prepared for that too. this morning some strange things also crossed my mind that made me think that maybe my time is running out here.. so I would need my own health insurance in that scenario too. perhaps the office space approach isn't working out for me like it did in the movie? too bad.. ha

      Monday, November 12, 2012

      to blog, or not to blog

      is it wrong to blog twice in one morning?

      personally, I feel that [recently] you should take my posts when you can get them!

      the truth is, I love a good challenge, and when I get one that I think you guys might like two, I share!
      so what do you guys think? I can only assume that the calendar is screaming, "give up meat you dumbass!!"
      but that is a total commitment that I don't think I am ready for yet.
      so... what can I cut out? I want to say Starbucks, because last week I had already planned on doing that,
      but that feels like cheating, doesn't it?
      I mean, I am eating a milky way right now... so there's that!?
      I also would say red meat... but I so rarely eat it right now that it too, feels like cheating. or how about stress? haha

      alright, here is what I am going with, this week I will eliminate the following from my life:
      • Starbucks - already had plans of this anyway. now I can be a little more accountable.
      • Red Meat - I started trying to eliminate this quite awhile ago. Now I rarely eat it, but I don't really try to use alternatives, I just straight don't eat it.  I would really like to try some alternatives in the meals which I still enjoy red meat in.
      • ANY meal that is not made in my own house. or you know, a family members house. not one single meal out. this is going to be an amazing challenge.
      ohhh, I can't wait! next Monday, I will update you on how it went, because I know that you totally care!

      I challenge you to join in, what can you cut out of your life this week?

      silly weekend

      I hope you all are ready for some silly silly photos.
      Kayla [from My Kind of Yellow] and I were having a ridiculous email chat last week during work.
      ridiculous because, who is all "oh my gosh I so so so want to wear fake eyelashes" and then never tries?
      well, as it turns out, that is exactly what the two of us have been doing.
      so this weekend we decided we would both try to put lashes on [first time ever] 
      and then we would send each other pictures. you know, to make one another feel better about being an idiot.
      so it was freaking hilarious. that shit is so hard!! 
      I spent Saturday morning in front of the mirror for a good 45 minutes trying to get them on properly. 
      then [as per usual] as soon as they were on and looked "ok" I got a call to come in for a second interview.

      they make taking lashes off look so easy on TV... it is not easy! it hurt so bad!
      in the end I did end up getting them on, and then off, but my face hurt.. 

      ready to see it??
      for some reason I have a shocked look on my face... horrible!
      this is so embarrassing. I cannot believe I am putting this on the internet

      I am just saying, crazy eyelashes and all, she is still so stinkin' cute!
      and look at this girl's closet. oh. my. god.
      why is her picture so much cuter than any of mine...
      probably because I am lazy. yep, that is my guess.

      Sunday was much less eventful for me.
      Aaron and I made breakfast and while we were eating we decided we need to move.
      I don't know if you can really tell,
      but that is a dude laying on the ground in the yard across from ours, and two cops standing guard.
      two more cops ended up showing up and taking everything away from this dude, including his belt.
      probably an hour and a half later, an ambulance came and took his drunk ass away.
      p.s. this started at like 11:45AM
      then we cleaned out the garage, watched a Denzel movie from 1998 and did laundry.
      it was a great relaxing day. it also evoked feelings of:
      I hate work and I don't ever want to work again.
      oh well!

      have an amazing Monday everybody!

      Friday, November 9, 2012

      killed it

      nope not the dog. she's still on the good girl list.
      I would be talking about my job interview!
      my two hour long job interview. that I was 100% prepared for.
      the drive to the office was as perfect as you could imagine.
      it took my only 30 minutes, I passed 2 Starbucks locations, and the roads/traffic were lined with trees.
      praises Jesus.
      the office is also in close proximity to THRE Whole Foods stores.
      get serious.
      those are probably the only three we currently have in Michigan.
      and my outfit was perfection. professional yet sassy, exactly me.
      I will update you when I am updated myself.
      have an amazing Friday! because I know I will be.