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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

let's cover our bases

first off, lets see how long this post takes me, shall we? 
it is now: 8:14AM andddd GO!

and now its 8:40AM man.. this is going to take awhile.
I don't know if you guessed it, but I finally got a new job.
one that keeps me very busy! about time, eh?
I was successfully laid off since November. an official 7-8 months.
then I got a little bored and pretty tired of not shopping.
so here I am, working girl once again.
in a firm [architecture] of 10 people and I am really enjoying it.
but then again this is my second week [4th day] so I better be.

in other news... Aaron and I purchased our wedding bands.
we shopped around but Tiffany was the clear winner.
it's hard to put this engagement ring with a band from anywhere else.
I was having a hard time choosing between two different rings,
which I think was really a sign that it wasn't supposed to be either one,
when the woman told me she had one last one to show me.
it was a total moment! the clouds opened up and sun shined
this was my ring and I definitely knew it. sigh.. I love it so much.
thank god we are getting married fast because I can't wait to wear it!

I also got my two bridesmaids their gifts while we were there.

really pretty initial necklaces. I got Breanna a B, and Megan an M...
obviously? doesn't seem like something I would have to explain...
they are really beautiful and now I kind of want one too.. maybe next year.

Breanna and I are about a month into our weight loss challenge.
it has definitely been an up and down battle. 
I'm not sure that either of us is really in it for the long haul yet.
which is really just plain ridiculous when you think about it.
we only have two months left! lazy fools man....
when we first started I weighed in at 150.9lbs
this morning, 149.8. are you kidding me with that? laziness.
Breanna started at 185.2lbs and is now at 188.0.

[the official time is now 11:01AM]

have no fear, I will not be a tubby bride my friends.
Breanna and I have our first Crossfit class tomorrow at 9am.
ohhhh guys, I can't even express the excitement and terror I feel.
I can't wait to go and I can't wait to tell you all about it.
I am about to lift so much stuff and jump so high, and spend so much!

ahh life. it is good. and it keeps getting better.
this post only took 2 hours.  not too shabby.
see you on Thursday!!


  1. Ummmm can I be a bridesmaid and get a pretty initial necklace?! ;) jk...but seriously those are gorgeous. AND so are your rings!!

  2. LOL... great post. Glad you're liking your new job. :) I Think Tiffany's is always the winner! ha!