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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the haps....

 random wedding photo

so this past week I have been searching for a new job.
recently, Aaron and I expanded the search to a few different states [not just jobs in Michigan].
my main hope is that I find something in Chicago, though I am quite sure he doesn't feel the same.
I have a special place in my heart for the city of Chicago and I always have.
when Aaron proposed to me there it made my feelings even stronger.
the location is pretty perfect too [in my eyes]. it is close but far at the same time. 
I'm not ready to move actually far from home.
I've applied to so many places.. hopefully I hear back about something.
the job market is so tough right now.. at least there are a lot of positions to try for.
whatever is meant to be, will be [or so they say].

in other news my right wrist is fucked. I have seen multiple specialists and the results are in:
I have severe tendonitis and I can't use my hand for a minimum of two weeks.
I met with an Orthopedic Specialist this morning and got a fairly intense steroid shot into the joint.
I then cancelled my gym membership [the gym.. my one true love] and then I cried.
okay, I'm kidding about the crying but I really am equally mad and sad.
the doctor [who was a lot less Indian than I suspected] recommends:

600mg of Motrin, three times a day
a minimum 2 week rest period
steroid shots

 if these things don't solve my problem by the time I go back in a month...
then the next logical step is to undergo surgery [worst case].
actually I guess worst case would be taking the hand off... details, details.
I am sure that it will be fine. what I am not sure about is losing weight without lifting.
ugh, the specialist told me I could do Aerobics -PLEASE. just. please.

if you know of any marketing positions [or if you aren't using your hand] let me know!!

XXO Amanda

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  1. Well this all pretty much sucks! Sorry to hear about your wrist & here's hoping you can find a job sometime soon. Hate that you're having to go through this crap again. Miss talking to you lady!