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Monday, December 9, 2013

what's on my phone...

I haven't updated in what feels like forever, which is probably because I haven't.
let's get this birthday week started right, with a iPhone photo dump.

 it has been Christmas at our house since... well probably since Hanukkah.
I really can't describe how much I love Christmas and all of the lights.

 this cute little asshole... she is clearly happy about the holiday too.
honestly, she has been a huge pain the ass with this cold weather.
if she weren't so adorable I would probably "rehome" her
[that is craigslist speak for SELLING animals]
. Aaron shaved his head [cringe], not just shaved, razor bladed that shit
it was a devastating day, but I just realized this is not even the point of this photo.
"we" bought a new jeep. "we" are so very happy and in love it.

 see how happy I am?

"we" also got bangs
"we" look great

for some reason my phone keeps getting stolen
I'm not really sure why I leave myself open to this...
probably for the entertainment value

 I went and took my concealed weapon license class and I passed!
I haven't gone and filed my application with the state yet,
the fee is outrageous, but I am looking forward to buying a taser.

I think we might need more technology...
this would be Aaron, laying in bed, on the iPad and his laptop.

XXO Amanda

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