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Monday, January 8, 2018

Dear Diary, How The Hell Did I Get Here?

Dear Diary...

When I was a young girl I was constantly writing in my diary. Every single night, I would write in the stupid thing. Expensive tiny notebooks with the tiniest fake locks on them. Obviously offering no real security, but I was convinced that the lock was giving me something. So I would continue to write my secrets down. Documenting every one of my deepest feelings, which consisted mostly of crushes, and, of course, while I was writing, I would hope and pray that nobody would ever read them.

The LifeJournal Days

Writing in diaries slowly transitioned to writing my angry thoughts, ever changing crushes, and weekend updates on LiveJournal. Writing there was an outlet still, but definitely more of an obvious cry for attention. There's just nothing like shouting out into the world vague love confessions and threats to sometimes friends... although they weren't really all that vague at the time.

Actual LiveJournal content: "--♥you♥--" <--- what the actual fuck? I mean, honestly, get it together.

In between my LiveJournal days and finding my next writing destination, I took a little break. Just over six years actually... and that brings us to a very long time ago, back in 2012, when I started this blog.

Blogging was so popular in 2012...

Writing in Blogs

It felt like everyone was doing it, and I was so sure that I could do it better. I mean honestly, I'm fucking funny, like, how hard could it be? It was a way of life for 20-somethings and I was ready to be apart of it. So, my blog started out as most of them do:

A fun way to document my life and as an outlet to release my frustrations and negativity into the world.

It was a solid hobby, with mediocre photos, and no direction whatsoever. I wrote five or more posts a week about absolutely nothing valuable, and yet, people continued to read it and to comment.

Until very recently, I had owned my domain and that website since 2012. I still receive regular traffic and minimal ad revenue, so, it was basically just something I thought I would have around forever. Unfortunately for me, things have changed since way back then, and now a company based in Japan owns my URL.

Shit happens, I guess. And, now, you can find my content at a shortened (less cool) version of the old domain.

New Year -- Same whitegirlroadtrip

Being that it's January, I just thought now was a good time to check in, to ramble, to talk about the past, and to say "hey!" And that's it, thats the end, story time is over. Thanks for getting to know the same old me a little bit better. Happy New Year! It's officially 2018 because I finally said it.

Is there anything (like writing) that you've been doing practically your entire life?

✌️ Amanda

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