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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

sick burn bro

so we are now four days in and it is still looking this sexy... 

does anyone else seem to have a habit of wearing the most difficult patterns when receiving the worst burns of their lives?  I have, obviously, been wearing the same bra since the incident.  nothing else can touch me.  it is horrible.  I am thinking though, that this is a clear win for the cell phone.  how the hell did we take crazy photos of our bake sides and post them to the internet before the iPhone reverse camera!?

Monday at 1AM I hit the road on a megabus to Chicago.  it was a great experience.  the bus was practically empty and the people that were on it were not any more creepy than yours truly.  Breanna and I arrived at our destination at 6AM local time and had some free time to eat and wander.  then we headed to JCrew to try on bridesmaid dresses!  [I have to get to school today, because I am awesome and taking a summer class so I will make this short plus nobody cares anyhowww]  here is what we have decided!

Breanna will be rocking this bitchin little number:

Maddi [dudeomgsheisonlytwelvewtffffff] will be wearing this:

and finally Megan will be wearing a super cute one shoulder:

I am getting the impression that I should have chosen uglier bridesmaids... I am feeling pressured ;)

XXO Amanda

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  1. Love the dresses.

    My BFF had that same burn last year. She called it her angel wings. That shit never went away, all summer.

  2. No worries -- no one will steel your thunder on your big day! ;)

  3. I love the dresses!

    One summer I fell asleep in the pool...with my hand on my thigh. WORST tan mark ever. I spent the rest of the summer with people laughing at me everywhere I went. Some people even asked me if I did it on purpose lol. Yes...yes of course I wanted to spend my summer with a giant hand mark on me! It was right above my knee so anytime I wore shorts or a dress it was visible. Awful.

    The worst part about sunburns besides the burning is the itching! Use LOTS of lotion.... good luck =)

  4. I loveeee them and this color is awesome. And I'm not just saying that!

  5. I love J.Crew dresses. I have four in silk chiffon, and they've all held up so nicely! I also LOVE the color! My wedding dress was actually from there. I have a mild addiction probably haha. Yay wedding planning.

  6. oh ya know, just the same color and style i'm looking at for my bridesmaid dresses. good taste! ;)