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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

help cure #notivation

as I was doing my typical morning instagram scroll, I came across a blog post that I was extremely interested in!  Mallory from Mal Smiles [whom I love btw] and a few other girls are doing a fitness related link up that I find extremely motivational.  which you will clearly see when I show you the name of it.

as you can see, these three girls are helping us all to get a little more motivated, and who doesn't need an extra push now and again? I know I do.  reading Mallory's story on how some days she is so excited and works it hard in the gym and then on other days lays around at home and grabs a milkshake really hit home for me.  being motivated all the time is something that I think most of us struggle with.
I have been "over weight" for a very long time.  let's all be honest, that^ is a huge bitch lol it is so strange how you really don't recognize how out of hand things are until you get far away from it. I have been slowly losing weight for the last two years.  so far I have lost 50ish pounds.  once the scale got near 200 I stopped looking.  I'm still working on it, I want to run far, and I want to lift a lot more. but I am also still happy with my progress.
the linkup continues on Thursday and I am very excited about it!  I love reading others stories and learning new tips and tricks.  be sure to check it out!!

XXO Amanda

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  1. This last collage of pictures shows just how far you've come. Love youuuu. Skinny gal!!! ;)

  2. This is awesome!! You look great. And inspiring, as in I really did just put the can of pringles down.