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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

another random blog update?

sure, don't mind if I do.

so Breanna and I have just started something that I am pretty excited about.
I recently started reading Nerd Fitness, a pretty amazing fitness blog [obviously]
yesterday I read a post about this guy who ended up in a bet with his friends for $500
this bet was finally the thing that pushed him into the best shape of his life
and it was just in time for his wedding [sound familiar at all?!]

this article really got me thinking about what a great motivator money can be.
of course it is sad that our health and happiness isn't motivating enough, but what can I do.
so!  Breanna and I are now in our own health bet for $250 and I couldn't be more excited.

the rules are simple. we will do weekly progress reporting every Tuesday morning.
each week doesn't count for much, except that we will get to talk shit as time progresses, which is always fun.
then the week of the wedding somebody has to pay up! the person with the lowest % loss is the loser!

here are our official starting weights:



wish us luck!

XXO Amanda

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