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Thursday, September 5, 2013

a competition update

I deeply apologize for this filler post.
I didn't get a chance to edit photos for what I had planned.
please don't hate me because you are bored.

on June 25th Breanna and I started a weight loss competition
if you don't remember this, you are a horrible friend you can read about it here
or I can just tell you that I started out at 150.8# and Breanna at 185.2#

my photo is actually a little old. this wasn't the post I had planned for today so I didn't take a picture today.
when I weighed in this morning I was at 148.2# which is a total of 2.6# lost rather than only 1.2#
Breanna's photo is also misleading, over the course of the last 72 days she has been up too as much as 187#
meaning she is showing a loss of closer to 3# rather than just the 1# you see in this post.
over all I know you are like who cares lady, you lost 2.6#
but I will tell you something, my guns are huge.
no but seriously, my clothes fit so much better and I feel and look a lot healthier.
SO the scale might not be moving, but the important stuff is changing.
important stuff like a lack of back rolls which was a main goal throughout the course of wedding planning.

XXO Amanda


  1. Umm that is awesome. Losing weight is hard and it just sucks! Any progress is good progress!

  2. Who even cares about the number on the scale...I am only keeping track because I hope to gain (due to muscle!!) SO YAY!!! You are doing great. I'm proud of you!