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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

mildly inappropriate

holy moly, did I really miss a whole week of talking to you?
where does the time go... it is certainly not being wasted, I can promise you that.
I have been so busy with life [work, school, crossfit] and wedding stuff.
time is really just flying by and I feel like I am accomplishing nothing at all.
Saturday was my and Aaron's.. NOT shower.
according to etiquette you are only supposed to invite wedding invitees to your shower.
our wedding is super small and we wanted to include as many people as possible,
so it was NOT a shower, but rather just a celebration.
it was great and I can't wait to show you some pictures.
I hope you saw my post over on Helene's blog, if you haven't go now!
and now, finally, let's move on to the good stuff!

Ticked Off Tuesday

[pipe the eff down edition]
this IS my real hair
1. people who act like the wedding of a family member/friend is all about them.
if you are not the bride or the groom pipe the fuck down.
2. people who continuously question my decisions. if you are not ME then pipe the fuck down.
3. people who act miserable and try to ruin special moments for whatever selfish reason they come up with.
if you are being a cry baby bitch, pipe the fuck down.
4. people who wait until the last minute regarding important decisions which leave other people hanging.
if you can't handle the responsibility, pass it on and pipe the fuck down.
5. all the people that suck. pipe the fuck down and quit it.
sorry for the language Grandma!!

XXO Amanda