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Monday, October 28, 2013

my boring life...

I have been up to exactly nothing.
getting back into the gym and eating healthy has taken all of my time.
[you can follow me on myfitnesspal if you are interested]

way back on September 13th - our wedding day!! - I was awarded a Liebster Award
clearly I am... behind with answering these questions, but I am thankful nevertheless.
so, shout out to the lovely Megan from You Just Do for nominating me.

you all know the award and the rules, so I'm not going to post or follow any of them.
if you are all whatthefuckisthiscrazytalkingabout you can read the detail's over at Megan's.

1.  If you could relive any period in your life, when would it be?

I would have to say when Aaron proposed to me.  
it was amazing and I wish I had been dressed better...

2.  Favorite restaurant?

hands down, no questions asked, Kona Grill is my absolute favorite restaurant.
I always go for the sushi, but the best part of this place is that they have all types of food:
sushi, seafood, steaks, pasta, flat breads and pizza. anything you want, they've got it.

3.  What's your favorite dish to cook? Maybe even give the recipe?!

I don't think I have a favorite.. 
I really enjoy cooking and trying new things though.

4.  Favorite reality show?

Extreme Weight Loss - it is like my crack

5.  If you could have any puppy what kind would you get?

I would kill someone for an Oreo Great Dane, and not even just a puppy.
they are so beautiful, smart and lazy.  I just want to cuddle one all day long. 
but incase you didn't know, I already have a pretty lazy, smart and beautiful pup, Kalie

6.  What's one life goal that you have? One you've already reached or one you're working on.

it would be great if I could finally finish with school,
and get a job that I love and am good at.

7.  How did you meet your best friend?

oh my gosh... what an interesting story. and by interesting I mean totally crazy.
Breanna and I met back in High School and we actually hated one another.
it was a really weird back and forth "hey, lets hangout" "hey, I'm gonna kick your ass" situation.
we became close friends probably in.. 2005 and have been pretty much inseparable since.

8. How do you relieve stress?

I love to do CrossFit when I am pissed off or stressed.
there is just something about beating the crap out of something that just cures anything.

9.  How many siblings do you have? Where are you in the birth order?

I have two brothers: Ryan [above] and Riley [below]
I also have two sisters: Samantha [front] and Catherine [behind]
I am [for better or for worse] the oldest of all of them.
Me [26], Ryan [21], Riley [11], Catherine [7] and Samantha [4]

10.  Can you speak another language?

I can speak a bunch of random Spanish. 
when we were in Mexico for our honeymoon a lot of it started coming back to me.
I definitely wouldn't say that I can carry on a conversation or anything though.

11.  What is your go to shopping store?

hello, it is obviously Target

if you wanted to know me even better, I answered Megan's assigned questions too. 



1.  Say you had to name a baby girl and boy right now, what would you name them?

well, if I got to choose the names all by myself then this wouldn't be so difficult.
girl: Elizabeth
boy: Henry
I know Henry is like a nerd name but I just love it. it is so cute.
I also realized yesterday that my baby names are all royal and shit...
I probably need to think of new ones.

2.  What fast food restaurant is your weakness?

Jimmy Johns - freaky fast and freaky fucking delicious.

3.  What is your favorite thing to bake?

I am probably the worst baker on the face of the planet.
nothing ever comes out like it is supposed to.
and more often than not, it ends up on fire.

4.  Name 2 blogs you love to read on a daily basis?

My CrossFit gym's blog:
and a bunch of other blogs that I follow on blogger dashboard

5.  Favorite app on your phone?

this is a questions that I am not sure I can answer.
CrossFit app, Instagram, Twitter, Messaging, Email.
all. of. it. 
the. entire. damn. phone.

6.  Middle name?

Amanda Leigh - I used to hate it when I was a kid.
I couldn't understand why my parents didn't cut me a break and spell it the easy way.

7.  What is the greatest vacation you have ever been on?

I was laid off from my full-time job in November 2012.
during December 2012 and January 2013, Aaron and I took the greatest trip EVER.
we drove down south to Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston and other amazing places.
then we drove back home for Christmas and left again to drive to NYC for New Years.
it was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to take a trip this long again.

8.  Favorite childhood toy?

my brother, Ryan.
when we were little I used to dress him up like a girl and call him Ry-ita.
I love you brother lol
10.  Have you ever been to Michigan?

does living here count?

11.  Can you play an instrument?      

I used to be able to play the recorder?

XXO Amanda


  1. Thanks for participating! :) I would probably pick a great dane, too!!

  2. Your parents couldn't give you a break on the middle name because you're special!

  3. I got one of these forever ago too... I should probably do that, huh?! Love all your answers, pretty lady!