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Sunday, November 9, 2014

lucky number 14

I like to think of myself as a seriously well-rounded employee. I have a little bit of experience in a whole hell of a lot of areas. That is why I try to find the silver-lining in the fact that, today, I am starting job number 14.
1. Farmer Jack
2. Hollywood Video
3. Meijer
4. Rite Aid
5. University Book Store
6. Hollywood Video
7. Woodworking Shop
8. Rite Aid
9. Construction Management
10. Construction/Engineering Firm
11. Architecture Firm
12. Small Architecture Firm
13. Bank of America
14. Credit Union

Like I have mentioned before, I don't exactly know what I am doing with my life. I have all the education, a ton of experience, and yet, I haven't found the exact thing that gives me it all... Which I guess is actually pretty normal. It's probably not even that often that someone does find a job that "has it all." Happiness or money... I think that I would like to have both. Perhaps job number fourteen will be that job! Wish my luck friends.

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