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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

i NEED to buy

I recently found out about something magical.
something that we all should be buying asap.
Eyes Lips Face [elf obviously] has a monthly subscription box!
it is called the beauty bundle and I most literally must have it.

look at all that stuff, each image is just one box. so. many. items.
you can get the box month to month, 1/2 year [6 months], or 1 year [12 months].
pretty much any budget can get this thing, and they most definitely should.

I realize that elf is an inexpensive drug store brand, and most of their items are hit or miss.
but really, that is the beauty of the brand.
you get to try things that you would otherwise probably never spend the money on.
red lipstick, mascara, erase and conceal palattes
so. many. options.

I am planning to sign up with in the next two weeks.
if anybody has it, or is going to sign up with me, let me know down below!

XXO Amanda

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