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Monday, April 7, 2014

cooking, eating, & working

it is a new month people. therefore, it is time for goals.
hopefully obtainable and rational goals.. though sometimes not so much.
I'm pretty sure they start off that way, but come May it's another story.
side note: if you come here for pictures, you are shit outta luck on this one.

apologies. apologies. let's get to it.

1. finally finish the training portion and actually get to work - I am so tired of training. I don't want to work full time, I don't want to be alone all day, I just want to do the job I signed up to do. wah wah wah.

2. catch up and then keep up with my statistics class - I am so behind... I think my hate for the class has a lot to do with it

3. maintain a healthy diet - I really want to start eating fresh foods again. I have been super lazy since I started this job and I need to get back to cooking, chopping, and eating colorful food. I want to stay within my daily calorie limit, but I want those calories to be nourishing for my body.

4. get back to blogging consistently (3x per week) - I realize that 3 times a week isn't all that much, but if I don't have time, or if I don't have topics, then I will have nothing of quality to share with you... and who wants that?

5. drink more water!! - self explanatory I would think.

6. finish at least one room "make-over" - Aaron and I have been very motivated to get our house into sell-able condition.  we have already finished one room, emptied out the basement, and totally cleaned out the garage [Aaron was vacuuming in there. it is that clean]

7. exercise at least three days a week - I have fallen off the wagon, HARD. I need a damn goal to work for.

8. cook more meals at home [4 dinners per week minimum] - going hand in hand with exercise and nutrition, I would like to start cooking more at home again.

XXO Amanda

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