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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

sexy teller [almost]

okay, so I started my new sexy bank teller position.. probably like a month[ish] ago.
I think the last update I posted was purely complaining - you clearly want to read that
but I think that things are totally turning around.
and by that I mean, things are totally starting to be less boring.

the first two weeks I spent in a conference room, alone, and cold.
then the next two weeks I spent only about 20 hours in the conference room and another 20 out with the people.
the entire training situation has been fairly disappointing.
studying, reading, and taking tests was not really what I had in mind.
plus I started applying at banks and credit unions [for the hours] because I was missing human interaction.
obviously all jobs have pluses and minuses, but I've had enough of the office job for right now.

so I am finally spending most of my time working with actual people.
it is surprising but I think I really like most of the people that I work with.
obviously I don't like everyone, but that is just to be expected.

overall, I think everything is going to work out.
wish me luck!

XXO Amanda

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