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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ALL four

Like the good blogger that I am, I gathered inspiration for this post from Helene's twitter post, 
[but Helene actually got the idea from Alanna & Company.] 

In the spirit of transparency, I will admit, I actually stole the complete post and copied all of her categories. And in my defense, I will reference my educationAs my professor would say, there are no longer original ideas, so really, I am just fulfilling expectations.

4 Nicknames:
  Amanda Panda
  Kibbe - Breanna has had the hardest time not calling me this. It's hard to break a habit that you've had forever!

4 Movies I've Watched More than Once:
  Step Brothers
  Talladega Nights
  When Harry met Sally

4 Jobs That I have Had:
  Marketing Coordintor - probably my only real adult job ever.
  Teller - I have been a bank teller for over a year now, and I really enjoy it! 
  Draftsmen - probably the most boring job I've ever had.
  Cashier - I was a cashier at a grocery store and it was the worst!!

4 Items in my Purse:
  Chapstick! - always a must have
  My iPhone - it's my camera, my connection to people, my gps, my soul really.
  Red Lipstick - because really you never know, and red is always appropriate.
  Cash - Aaron and I have still been using the envelope system and it is seriously paying off!

4 Things I won't eat:

4 Shows I Love:
  The Walking Dead - I am obsessed with zombies!
  Extreme Weight Loss

4 Places I have lived:
This one isn't that exciting (currently), but I can't wait to change it up! 

  At Aaron's mom's house - during the summers in college, she was kind enough to house me.
  College dorms - where I met and fell in love with a very dear friend (Megan!).
  My & Aaron's very first apartment - it was small and ugly, but it was an amazing experience.
  Our house - buying a house was terrifying, but it was also incredibly exciting. 

I am so happy that I created all of these memories with my husband, and I can't wait to have 4 better places ;)

4 Cars I have driven:
  A purple Ford Thunderbird
  A red Mercury Sable
  A white Saturn Astra
  And as you know, we just purchased a very beautiful new truck!

4 Places on my Travel Bucket List:
  Bora Bora
  The Redwood Forests

4 Places I've Visited:
  South Carolina
  New York City

4 Exciting Things for 2015:
  Tagging along on any and all of Aaron's work trips (Vegas!!)
  Getting to know our new Airstream
  Focusing time on cherishing my marriage.
  Working out! I have a goal in mind and I am ready to achieve it.

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