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Monday, April 27, 2015

our next chapter

This time, two years ago, things were very exciting.  I had just gotten engaged to the man of my dreams, and we were off gallivanting. In 2013 we visited Washington D.C. and Mexico for the very first time, we celebrated NYE in New York City, I went to a ton of amazing concerts, we got married!, and life was great. 

2014 was almost just as amazing. We traveled to California for the first time and we visited Mexico again, for a best friends wedding. Aaron and I both changed jobs and we planned for our future. 
[one day I might even get around to finishing my 2014 recap!]

Now, here we are, deep into 2015. Things this year haven't been any different. We are still making crazy decisions, all with the ultimate end goal in mind: true happiness. I know that "happiness" is very different for everyone, but for us, it means travel, seeing everything we have always dreamed of, being together as much as we can, and living the most flexible lives possible. With all of that in mind, I am excited to show you a sneak peak of our "next chapter."

Stay Tuned :)

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