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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Since the dawn of time/1992, April 29th has been a very special day. This day, April 29th, is the day that my baby brother was born. And from the very beginning,it was emphatically clear that we would be an epic brother and sister combo. Ryan and I have done a lot of things, we have been through a lot of things, and all of these things have been survived because we stuck together through it all. [shrimp]

We celebrated another year of life at The Olive Garden, a choice most obviously made by the birthday boy himself. We enjoyed booze and bread, and then, we promptly sang at the top of our lungs. "Happy Birthday" never sounded so good.

Dear Brother, I love you, and I am impressed by your beard. I respect you, even though you wear skinny jeans. Your shoes are cleaner than your room, but I think it's an investment in yourself, I've never known anyone successful with dirty shoes.

You are my favorite now, you always have been, and no matter what, you always will be.

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