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Friday, June 22, 2012

It all started...

Yes! It all started yesterday. I have been reading a lot of blogs on here from some pretty amazing women. It really makes you think, am I doing everything that I can/should/want to be doing with myself and my life? Duhhh... probably not!

Alright so I'm like, from now on I need to do things differently.
  1. STOP stressing out about everything. It will all be fine. Life is good and there's really nothing at all serious going on. It's not worth being anything but happy!
  2. If I have been wanting to do something, have a thought that I could make something, try something new whatever, if a thought goes in my mind (within reason of course!) I am just going to do it!
So for quite awhile now I have been eying this project:


 AND last night I decided, eff it. I am doing this thing! After work I dragged my butt to Target, bought three pairs of heels and a giant box of crayons! Of course I got home to realize I had no mini glue sticks for the gun. *SON OF A...* yep out to Meijer. Much much later... it was finished!

Honestly, I like it so much better upside down. Also, this picture doesn't really do it justice.. I took it in the dark with my phone :) Pro-Status!

My new life path is beginning, as is this blog. I'm taking some camera lessons this weekend too! That we can look at some real blog appropriate photographs.

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