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Friday, June 29, 2012

So yeahhh...

there is really not much to talk about guys.
No. Literally. Nothing.
Nothing has been happening.
So I will bombard you with embar photos while I try to think of something to talk about.

 yep.. that happened. with a pony and a watermelon helmet. 

Look at these assholes..
Those are from a good time on Wednesday. We stopped at REI but we also got sushi..
Though, it looks like all we really got was drunk.

Yesterday.. it was hot as balls outside. 
I saved a special photo for you guys. 
I don't know if you remember, but I am from Michigan.
This particular photo is from when it was 'cooling down' last night...

It should never be this hot here. Unacceptable if you ask me.
Alright, rewind..
Yesterday morning I was running late to work. 
Typical after a night of sushi and booze :) 
So I back the car in so I can make a quick escape at 4. I know the park job is not the best I have ever done, but I am late, so I grab my stuff and run as fast as I can so nobody knows that it was me that has parked this way!
So at 4 I get back to the car.. its clear.
I decide to take my chances and check out the park job.
It is way worse than expected.
So of course I took a picture to share with you beautiful people. 

Bahahahahaha. Hilarious.
I defend myself by saying that when I parked, there were no other cars.
I could not see the lines on the ground...
and I didn't really give a crap.

Also yesterday, I gave a presentation

The principal responded, "Well... good try anyway." 
Yep. That really happened.
After all of the excitement of my magical day I went home.
I went home... and drank.
Drank with my dog.

I have some god ugly feet.

Thanks for coming!!!


  1. God lord...I have an awkward face. Just so..weird looking. On the bright side, that Watermelon cosmo was shockingly delicious!