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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday...Fun Day?

Oh Monday... What a day it was!

I started the day of right. It had been thirty days since my last...wait for it... Starbucks trip!

Oh boy, it was just as delicious as I remembered it to be :D Definitely won't be giving that stuff up for good! Work then proceeded to be extremely depressing. I am really not enjoying what I'm doing at all. What do I do you ask!? Thanks, so much for asking!! I am a Marketing Coordinator for an Architecture Firm in Michigan. I finished my under grad for architecture in 2010 and am currently in school for my Masters in Architecture and Business. Do I want to do any of the things I'm doing right now...? Not really.. I love sustainability and I want to flip houses. Great economy for the latter.

Alright, happier topic please! One of my "associates" decided to come break me out of my depression and take me to lunch! I love a good lunch date. We went to Slows... talking about it is making me want to go again...  I would... I probably shouldn't even list the things I would do for some delicious Slows BBQ.  So anyway :) photos!!

 Waffle Fries with Cheese > ohmyfreakinggawddelicious

 Pulled Pork with Sauce on the Side duhhhhhh (did I get a fork? nope. did it stop me? nope.)

The ladies driver!

We ate outside. It was beautiful. Except for the yellow jacket that kept trying to mate with me. But then... I had to go back to work :( Of course then the end of the day came, and I had to "drive" home. I say "drive" because the road looked like this:

Not. Moving. At. All. Ughhhhhh. Please. Just please. Get the eff out of the way. Great thanks.

But anyway... OH YES! Breanna < Beef.  Gosh... there are so many things you people don't know. Bre. Breanna. Breep. Is usually my best friend, just kiddinggggg :) Clearly we have a good time at all times.

So um anywaysss. Yesterday she kept saying over and over that she had a present for me. And I kept saying, Bre it is Monday, why in the world do you have a present for me!? Well, the present was this!

Alright let me explain. We have been talking about planning a trip to NYC for her birthday next April. Now it is officially official. It is a very very exiting time.

This post has gotten WAY too long... I will stop now. Adios!

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