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Monday, June 25, 2012

Trial Run

This weekend we headed up north for a brief vacation. It was extremely brief! We worked all day Friday and ended up not getting out onto the road until around 7pm. It was quite an exciting five hour drive. We stayed until Sunday and then had to make that exciting drive back home again. I guess it was still nice to get away though.

Some of you might be thinking, hey 7pm doesn't seem late. However, I challenge you. When you are traveling with young people (2 of my younger siblings: Riley 10, Catherine 5) 7pm takes on a whole new meaning lol

This photo was taken literally 20 minutes in!

It was definitely somewhat of a trail run into parenting... which I will tell you... I was not a fan of! I'm sure it is a completely different situation when these are your children and they have been raised to your liking their entire lives. This time though, it was tough. I wanted to leave them behind half of the time. Between the whining, the 'he's touching me,' and the 'I would give anythingggg to have insert random item here,' I was glad when it was all over!

There were times when it didn't seems so bad.. fun even! We went to this interesting restaurant for breakfast one morning. As Aaron so kindly pointed out, "I don't know if you've noticed, but we are in a house!" This particular restaurant had roosters... basically everywhere!

After this dining experience it was back to the stop touching me and can you buy me this! So yeah... I'm thinking that either one kid is enough.. or maybe I'm just not ready for any at all!

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