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Thursday, March 27, 2014

our "wedding shower"

I call it our "wedding shower" in quotes because we didn't actually call it that.
as I have mentioned a few times before, our wedding planning process was quite stressful,
and the "shower" was not any different.  Aaron and I are not traditional by any means,
but some of our family members are and our ideas didn't always mesh well.
according to tradition, you are only supposed to invite those to the shower that have been invited to the wedding.
we only invited probably 30 people to the wedding, so that seemed like a very silly rule to us.
we wanted to invite everyone and have a nice casual time.
so instead of something expensive and crazy, we just had a big back yard party.
it was probably more like a graduation party than a shower, but we had an amazing time.
and we called it "a celebration party," at least that is what the invites said.

I should probably try passing the camera off a little more often, but I promise I really was there.

XXO Amanda

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