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name: Amanda
contact information: email, instagram, twitter, and pinterest
likes: Crossfit, meal prep, workout clothes, travel, photography, leggings, makeup, Target, & Starbucks
dislikes: working, being cold, being hot, grocery shopping, bridal/baby showers, showering in general & washing my hair

blog: this IS my real hair (explanation of the title)
important characters: Aaron, Kalie, Breanna, Brother (Ryan), plus special appearances by additional family & friends

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  1. New follower! Found you from Kalie's blog (With Style and Grace)!

    Your dog is beautiful! I love, love, love pit bulls, even though I don't have one. They do not deserve the poor reputation that they have with the majority of society - they are such awesome animals!

    - Sara

  2. Like your sense of humor. I follow you🚶you. Was that creepy?

  3. ha ha - i have a pit bull too, named shirley. she's the sweetest thing ever.

  4. If this is a crazy long page then I should really consider re-doing my "about me"! Ha. I'm loving your pup! And the fact that you posted up a pic of you putting on deodorant. Classic!
    Found your blog through the #blogtober14 link up!