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Friday, March 14, 2014

quiz the groom

I haven't really talked all that much about our engagement period,
because, frankly, it was stressful and short,
certainly not the best time in my life as I thought it would be.

however, I was cleaning my office today and found a special highlight.
Megan [basically maid-of-honor] compiled a quiz for Aaron to complete for our bachelor/bachlorette party.
pretty much like the "newly wed game", Aaron answered and then I was drunk quizzed later.
I wouldn't say I remember clearly, but I think I only got one wrong which means he did amazingly.
it even made me cry, more than once, so I thought I would share.
[now that I have started typing I realize there will be some answers that I will NOT be sharing lol]
  1. How did you meet?  "originally? middle school... but we didn't actually hangout until I got kicked out of Mr. Jett's social studies class for her. in... 10th? grade."  I do not recall this situation...
  2. What was your official first date? "I don't think we had one, she did however, make me wait a day to officially ask her out so that our anniversary was on the 13th... see how things have changed?" so embarrassing...what is wrong with me? and yeah, I'm still totally bossy #control freak
  3. First Kiss (where/when)? "Back of her mom's Saturn, we were eating a pretzel." I 100% do not remember this... I thought it was up north. I am a horrible wife.
  4. First I love you (how did it happen/who said it first)? "I don't remember, but I can guarantee I was first and it was not reciprocated! So I have blocked it out! :)" complete fact. I'm pretty sure it was on the phone..
  5. What is your favorite thing about her? "She won't know this one, but in general she is just a good person, a huge pain in the ass, but she tries." don't tell anyone, I'm trying to keep up appearances.
  6. What is her favorite thing about you? "She'll never admit it, but she thinks I'm pretty darn funny." he is right, I won't admit it. 
  7. When did you know you were going to marry her? "I'm not sure specifically, but it was a looong time ago." 
  8. What is your favorite thing she cooks? "Delivery" what a dick lol
  9. What is her worst habit? "Leaving shoes all over the damned house" haha that is like beyond true. I have a real problem...
  10. How many kids do you want to have? Two, non-negotiable, she knows the rules." we are having one.
  11. Where would you most like to vacation? "Panama... forever." he is determined to move to Panama and sometimes when I am really drunk I cry about it... lol
I hope you maybe learned something new about me,
I really had to censor this quiz Megan, you dirty freak!

XXO Amanda

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  1. Haha! My friends did something similar--but I didn't have enough wine in my system to make the answers even slightly funny...