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Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!!

This weekend felt like it was so long!
I loved it.
Well some parts of it anyway...

Friday started with this calendar entry:

Gets ya bright and cheery right? 
Definitely makes me feel like my efforts are all worth while...
Thanks Skinny Bitch!! 

I was worrying about Friday night all week.
The night of the 4th of July fireworks in our area.
Kalie [our dog] is terrified of loud noises. 
Since the legalization of fireworks in Michigan, 
retards all over have been retarded each and every night with their fireworks.
Thus, scaring the living daylights out of the poor thing.
So I get home, give her the dose of rescue remedy and hope for the best.
She is actually pretty chill... so I'm like, okay this might work out. 
Just so you know, 
her actions in these photos were a trick.
She was not so chill.
It did not work out.
She freaked the eff out until probably 3am.
Amazing times.


Saturday was good.
Aaron actually had to work, which is not typical.
I went to Panera and got him breakfast.
I actually went to Panera because I wanted to see the pole that Breanna crashed into!

It's the last pole.
I will allow her to defend herself [in the comments] if she so chooses.
Everyone else, feel free to judge :)

I also went to her office to mock her!

and look at extremely old photos of boys she used to... 'love'
...more mocking! lol

I'm actually surprised she came over at all...
let alone ALL weekend.
We worked some long hard hours painting my kitchen.
It's coming along nicely.
Photos to come!

The two of us had to make a run to Lowe's...
when we returned
we found this..

Aaron made his own antenna for this broke ass radio lol
Works great :) 
He is so innovative!

Dinner with my mom and Ryan.
^ Horrible Photo ^ 
Sorry guys!

Just to make it fair 
Here is a horrible photo of me.
With a unicorn.
Or course.


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