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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

home tour?

Today is the beginning of random strangers roaming through my home. The strange thing is, it doesn't even really feel like my "home" anymore. All of the pictures are gone, all the decorations are either tossed on the curb or packed away, there is nothing personal anywhere. Frankly, there is barely even any furniture. I'm not sure the house has ever been this clean decluttered.

We signed a contract saying that we would keep the house in "showing condition." Which has proven to be a struggle for us. Cooking and then immediately cleaning up afterwards seems like far too much work, so we have been eating out a lot. However, last night we ended up making dinner in the Airstream. Yes, we hung out in a trailer behind our garage just so we wouldn't have to clean again, judge away. I like to blame our laziness on being young.. but I think we are running out of time to use that.

As a blogger and avid YouTube viewer, I love a home tour. There is just something really cool about seeing where this person actually does all of the things they let you see. That isn't creepy right? It probably totally is, but regardless, I thought I would share just a couple of our realtor photos. You know, in case you are creepy too.

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