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Monday, August 10, 2015

the festivites have begun

First things first, we sold our stinkin' house! We seriously sold our house in four days. Is this unheard of? I had no idea that this was a possibility. The left picture is the moment that Aaron called the realtor back to hear what the offer was. So cute, even in his pjs. The right is when the celebration began. In between those two periods in time... I ran out of gas. Like a real life professional.

Aaron's birthday is on Thursday this week (the 13th), it is essential that you get totally pumped over this news. Birthdays are a very big deal to me. Not so much to him, but, if you know me, even just a little, then you know that everything is always my way.

This weekend was the start of "birthweek." An event such as this, definitely calls for a photo montage. Lets relive the fun:







  1. We've actually been doing some house searching for a few weeks now & most houses are going within just a few days around here! So, if we want a house, we have to make an offer pretty much on the same day we look at it. It's crazy! Looks like a good weekend & those dresses are cute!

  2. Congrats, congrats on selling your house! That's amazing how fast you got it sold!! I love seeing your weekend in pictures! Super fun! Looks like you both had an amazing time!