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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

our next chapter (part 2)

Do you remember this? Well, this post is basically an extension of that.

We bought a truck, we bought an Airstream travel trailer, and now, our house is for sale!

When I think back to the end of 2009, I remember being so scared when Aaron told me that we were buying a house. Now, I can confidently say, that selling it is so much more emotional than buying it ever was. It's exciting, because we are closer to our dreams than we have ever been before. It's sad because this is the first house that Aaron and I ever owned. It's also terrifying. Where the hell am I going to live when all of this happens?

We met a realtor on Saturday, Sunday there was a sign, and now photos of the house are online. This is all happening so fast.

At least, that's how it feels, but the truth is, Aaron and I have had these plans for a very long time. It's not really happening fast at all. We have had some pretty crazy dreams that weren't necessarily shared with everyone. However, just because people didn't know about it, doesn't mean we haven't been planning, discussing, and working on moving forward. This year, everything just seems to finally be falling into place, and we are on our way towards the flexibility we have always wanted.

I can't really share too much more at this point. What I can tell you, is that this is just the beginning. So hold on tight!

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