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Friday, August 7, 2015

too mas protein

Looking at these before and after photos, it might seem like I have some understanding of how to lose weight and tone. I actually weigh the same amount in all four of those photos, which, I think might lead some people to think that I know what I am doing. The reality is, I have no clue. My ability to be successful, at all, up until this point is a mystery. At least that is how I feel now, after speaking to a nutritionist. Turns out, everything that I thought I knew, or understood, was completely wrong.

Things I learned at my first appointment:
  1. I workout too much.
  2. I drink too much, (but hey! who doesn't).
  3. I eat too much protein.
  4. I'm not eating enough carbohydrates.
Immediately after my appointment, I called Aaron and said, "my world has been shaken." How dramatic. But seriously! I was, and still am, in total shock. Too much protein? Too much exercise? How? The good news is, she seems pretty confident that with these new macros, I should be losing 1-2lbs easily, every week. Long story short, I have accidentally been "bulking," which obviously would make it extremely difficult to lose weight or look leaner in the mirror.

I am pumped to see how these changes effect me. Abs are made in the kitchen, ya know. ;o)

Here is the plan she gave me for the next two weeks: Calories: 1,500 / Carbs: 180g / Protein: 147g / Fat: 40g


  1. Even though you may weight the same in these pictures you can certainly tell a difference. I would prefer to weigh the same and look better than to weigh the same and look bad. Keep up the good work. It is funny that of all days I checked your blog because I was just doing research on going to a Weightloss Specialist. I have signed up at the local YMCA for a personal trainer but haven't been scheduled yet for my first appointment. Thanks for sharing your plan. It gives me a good idea on where to start with numbers. I know that I can have upto 40g of fat per day to help me loose 1-2 lbs a week but I need to do more than just watch my numbers. I need to get off my ASS and start actually working out.

    1. Having a personal trainer was, by far, the best starting point for me. They will teach you things that you will be able to use forever and ever! Good luck :)

  2. You are speaking to my soul right now! I lost weight but it has been going up yet I remain pretty much the same size as far as my clothes go. But I feel SO bulky & I haven't been able to figure out what I'm doing wrong. and now I'm thinking I may be doing the same thing as you. I haven't seen a nutritionist or physical trainer but this has been boggling my mind lately. I'm looking forward to your results!