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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

flash back :: 01.09.2012

This morning I unintentionally happened upon my old Tumblr. I completely forgot that I had one, so obviously, I completely forgot my username and password. It was a whole thing logging in today, but, my horrible memory is another post all together.

So, I was reading over my responses to this 80-Day Weight Loss Challenge, and what I noticed is that I was a complete fucking idiot. Honestly, that Week One - Day One response is the only one where I don't want to slap myself in the face. Since my answers now, will be so much different than they were in 2012, I thought it would be interesting to do them again. You know, so I can look back in three years and realize how stupid I still am.

Week One

Write your current stats: height, current weight and goal weight. 
Height: 5'3 (it would appear that I have shrunk since 2012.)
CW: as of this morning I weigh 161lbs
GW: I say 130 when pushed for a number, but I really don't know. I definitely have more of  look in mind, rather than a weight.

Why are you losing weight?
I am honestly not trying to lose "weight," I am trying to burn fat and build strength.
Keeping things totally honest here, it would also be real nice to lose my muffin top.

Describe your dream/goal body.
Heidi Powell is a fucking queen. The. End.

Is your UGW in an „unhealthy“ range of BMI?
Nope. Thankfully, not anymore.

Have a vegan day today. No meat, no eggs, no dairy, no animal products whatsoever. 

What is your favorite healthy food?
How am I supposed to pick a favorite food?! 
Salmon (but I'm not an idiot and I cook it for myself all the time.)
Green Beans
The list could go on forever.

What is your favorite unhealthy food?
Anything with a high amount of fat and/or sugar.
For example: cheese, chip dip, kettle corn, ice cream 

What is your least favorite healthy food?
Oh look, 2012 Amanda and current Amanda totally agree. Bananas are fucking gross.

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