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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

10 honest confessions

I used to do link-ups a lot when I first started blogging. It was always a really great way to meet new people, increase traffic, and come up with new content. I wasn't exactly feeling my original post idea for today, and I'm all about making new friends lately, so I thought, why not try doing the "I Confess" link-up with Plucky In Love and Alanna & Company?

I confess that I am a complete control freak and that I get overwhelming anxiety over situations that are out of my hands.

I confess that I can't actually remember the last time that I worked out...

I confess that I was going to blog my favorite drug store red lip look today, but I ended up wearing a ridiculous purple one yesterday instead, so I didn't have any photos.

I confess that sometimes Aaron and I have romantic Home Depot hot dog dates.

I confess that I have been "working on" my blogs Facebook page for a week and it still isn't finished.

I confess that when I see girls I know in wedding dresses, I still want to try them on. Does that ever go away?

I confess that I might have a big fat secret.

I confess that I might just be getting prematurely excited over nothing (as per usual), so you're going to have to wait to find out.

I confess that this Bath & Body Works candle "Leaves" is seriously the shit. I love it.

I confess that I am late every single day, to every single thing, with every single person. Adios!

Alanna & Company


  1. Romantic Hotdog Home Depot Dates?! That sounds like a blast I think i'll try it.

    That's not fair. You can't say you have a secret and then not tell us what the secret it!!! lol

    Happy humpday (:


  2. Well I NEED To know what your secret is!!! #Tellmetellmetellme!!!

  3. What is your secret?! I'm so bad at secrets. :) And I'm usually never late, but I've been so late to work every single day lately. Probably because I'd rather stay in my bed ...

  4. Purple lipsticks are so fun!

    And now I'm trying to imagine what Leaves smell like...

  5. Hahahaha I love the Home Depot dates thing. We some times have Walmart or Costco dates, you know living the dream! Leaves is definitely the shit and I'm excited about this secret! Tell us already!

  6. I need to try that Leaves candle. My roommate has been burning the pumpkin spice cupcake one all week and it's making me nauseous.

  7. Secrets secrets are no fun unless they are for everyone!!! Yes, I still say this even today. Leaves is one of my top favorite candles ever!!! Right after Marshmallow Fireside. Annnnnd I basically want a hot dog right now!

  8. Ahhh so intrigued by your secret.... and your hotdogs, if we're being honest. UM that purple lipstick is amazing. Get it, girl (creeping on IG lol).


  9. Romantic Home Depot hot dog dates sound like so much fun!!! That's totally something I would do! Or go to Rona for popcorn :)

  10. Late is now just apart of my personality, so I totally feel you.
    I just bought Leaves on Monday and it seriously is the shit