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Thursday, October 8, 2015

not really my best work

It has been a pretty long time since I have written a post like this. Well... on the blog anyway. I write posts like this on Instagram, all the time (check it out!). It's funny that I mention that though, because Instagram and blogging are so incredibly different.

Blogging is just like... hey this is what's up. This is what I did this weekend, or I did nothing but eat and binge watch TV in my underwear all weekend, so, here are some tips you might appreciate. Blogging feels a little closer to real for me. Even though I know, that none of us share all of it.

Instagram, on the other hand, there are two types of people. The people with "perfect" lives. Or the inspirational/motivational types: all happy and motivating one another to do our best. I am definitely the second of those people. Just this morning I posted about what a great day it was going to be and how I was feeling so productive. It is now almost noon and I am freaking the eff out. I have too much on my plate and I might drown. But I wrote that part of information here for you and not on Instagram.

That semi-rant brings me to today. It has been thirteen weeks and I have lost 11 pounds. Not really my best work. Sure yeah, I'm glad I lost 11lbs, especially since I haven't really been putting in all that much effort. But damn! I don't want to be on a life long journey any more! I want to arrive.

The good new is, that it is fall! It is time for sweaters and we can cover this shit up. It is time to transform and get your 2016 body ready! Yeah I know what you're thinking, we say this every year and nothing changes. Well, girl, change it. Come back tomorrow for a delicious, and healthy recipe, start your weekend off on the right foot, and change your life!

We can do it together. Are you with me?!


  1. Seriously though, thank god for sweater weather. I was supposed to lose some weight this year for a wedding I was in and it didn't happen. Then I'm like, ok I'll lose it for a Halloween costume, then that turns to looking good for Christmas parties and then it's back to a whole new year and still needing to lose weight. I need to get my ass in gear NOW instead of later!

  2. 11 pounds is still a lot, 13 weeks or not!! So go you!! :) But I mean, not mad about sweater weather (finally) and I agree, instagram is more of a painted picture and small scratch on the surface of someones life while blogging can be so personal and you learn a lot about a person!

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants