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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

cleaning bag

I have been wracking my brain trying to think of something interesting to post about. Finding topics can be somewhat of a struggle when you are in a bit of a rut, having writers block, or if your life is just plain boring. My life has completely changed and I am living a whole new normal. But, one thing that has stayed relatively the same is all the crap that I carry around in my purse. It was time to clean it out anyway, so I figured there was no better time for a "what's in my bag" post.

(1) I bought this beauty in the spring time.. mostly because the bitch at the coach store acted like I was too poor to actually buy it. Due to the situation, I sadly paid full price for it... But I definitely taught that sales girl a thing or two. (North/South Swingpack)

(2) That would be a greeting card for one of my favorite bloggers Kayla (that I really should mail...). Her and her husband just moved into a new place, and I am always looking for a reason to send a card. It was the perfect situation. I really like the Papyrus cards... they make it seem like I care even more, because they are so crafty looking!

(3) Burt's Bees, what else do I need to say about that?

(4) Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, I absolutely love this stuff. Recently I have been getting this strange allergic type reaction to the salt on my beloved margarita glasses. My lips get all puffy and my mouth turns all red and rashy. So instead of not drinking margaritas, because who wants to do that, I just use this stuff. It makes all the red, itchy, rashy spots go completely away.

(5) My inhaler. I have asthma and sometimes I can't breathe.. not an interesting story really. Except for that time I almost died when Breanna and I went for a run and I forgot it. We were at the beach.. it was a whole thing and she kept screaming at me. Good job girl, just yell at the sick girl!

(6 & 7) $1.00 and an Ass-load of Change. That's basically my savings account.

(8 & 9) Writing utensils. The kind of person I am, I always need something to write with. The iPhone is great, but sometimes I just need to scrible something out on a napkin, or sharpie "for a good time" on a bathroom stall.

(10, 11, 12) Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks. People, these lipsticks are so so good, and so so cheap. I recommend that you go and buy all of them. Especially these three: 905 Brazen Berry, 450 Mauve Mania, 205 Nearly There

(13) My Lobster Wallet, because as long as my wallet looks like summer, I can continue to pretend that it isn't getting down into the 40s at night.
(14) A Sephora Receipt because I have a shopping problem, a Sephora problem, a Make Up problem, and I am quickly noticing a growing storage problem...

(15) Beauty Insider Sephora Makeover Card. Did I say I had a problem? I was wrong. My only problem is that I don't have enough know how. I obviously need a makeover and then many many more products.

(16) Keys and Taylor Swift. Everybody has keys... But does everyone have a Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Key Chain? I think not. It doesn't matter what anybody says, I love her. I can't help myself...she's just perfect and I love her lipstick. I could Taylor Swift rant for days so I'm just going to wrap it up now.

It seems like everyone has their one product type that they just hoard in their purse. Mine is clearly lip stuff, what is yours??


  1. I l-o-v-e color sensational lipsticks. And I don't have those three colors so...BRB gotta go to Target.

  2. You were so freaking sweet to send us something!!!! We loved the card and can't wait to get more candles at Target ;) hehe!