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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

True Life:: my bestie left me for beaches & the gays

How to Stay Connected

I've just been away from the blog for so so long. I would stop in for the occasional birthday post, mainly because of some perceived requirement, but really, it has been almost a year since I have been consistently blogging. In that time, so much has happened I met some new people and made some new friends. Friends that I thought would last forever. Some that still might and some that are already over. I made a lot of changes in my life and so did some of those closest to me.

Very recently, my best friend move to Florida. Actually, I just pulled out my phone, did some research, and figured out that it was four months ago. That feels shocking... but anyway. Breanna and I have been friends since high school. Regardless of distance, age, fights, or other friends/relationships, this is one friendship that I know will never change.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the ways we make sure to stay connected and keep our friendship strong!

Social Media: Bre and I will tag each other on Instagram all day long. Anything that is remotely entertaining or makes me think of her, boom tagged. For example: "Stop editing your pics, what if you go missing, how can we find you if you look like Beyonce' on instagram and Waka Flocka in person?" Tagged her ass immediately, get it?

Text Messaging: All. Day. Everyday. We are always talking. Even if we aren't actually having a conversation worth having, we usually keep talking throughout the day. The other afternoon she texted me because she was at an intersection next to a bbq place. Smoked meats is a topic to be shared. Or, whenever Aaron's little sister does anything that makes me question how intelligent I was as a teenager, I text her immediately, no matter what time of day it is.

Phone Calls: Although, in general, both of us hate talking on the phone, we have been making the time and doing it anyway. Probably 2-3 times a week, Bre will call me while commuting and we will talk for an hour+. It's definitely a highlight of my day. Especially when she calls me with the trials and tribulations of living with her gay roommates. It's like a really progressive version of friends, and I'm totally hooked on it.

Random Emails: Basically, when Bre is at work and someone starts giving her the side-eye for being on the phone all day with me, she will just out of the blue start emailing me. This is always very shocking for me. Like, seriously shocking. I, honestly, don't even know how she remembers her password. She is not the email type, friendship dedication friends.

Visits: I say visits instead of visit because I want to go back right now. I am freezing my ass off, just saying. She's been gone for four months and I've already been there once, and I'm going again. I think that travel is one of those things that really expresses true consideration for another person. People don't usually spend that kind of time and money on people they don't care about. Which is why it has always bothered me when people (with no children) say, "I wish I could go..." wherever it is. I wish I could come see you in Florida, so I'm going to. See you in December, bitch!!

Photos from my trip to Tampa.


Clearwater Beach
Boardwalk Clearwater Beach
Clearwater Beach
Clearwater Beach
Clearwater Beach
Clearwater Beach

 Do you have tricks to stay connected with long distance friends and family?? I want to hear them all!!


  1. Best post ever!! I was just thinking on the way to work "she should come down again soon, I mean, it's not like she has to request time off" 😉 Lol and the gay roomies....not for the faint of heart hahaha

  2. Haha, love it! I like the idea of tagging your friend - I do that with my best friends, but only when I'm trying to win something on Instagram and it says you have to tag a friend. (I'm a good person) All of my best friends live far away - one is two hours from me, one is in Washington D.C. and the third is in Hawaii. I try to Skype, text, Snapchat, etc. whenever possible. And I need to visit the friend in Hawaii - free lodging!