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Thursday, September 4, 2014

I finally went to SoCal

Aaron and I finally made our way cross country for a visit.  It was definitely the longest flight of my life. Between the turbulence, the nasty people eating/coughing/sneezing/farting, and all of my excitement I really just gave my self a stomachache. Such a grown up.

Really, the flight wasn't bad. We got free soda and peanuts, and we got to sit together. Could have been worse!

We left home really early because we wanted to have the first flight. I don't like wasting an entire day on travel. As we got up in the dark and proceeded to get our shit together, a thought hit me, we are going to California.

The California where the beautiful and tan people live... I better do my hair and makeup! [at 5am]

I used whatever was left unpacked and tried to make myself California presentable, whatever I thought that was. There really wasn't all that much to choose from. I am quite the over prepared packer. After about seven minutes I was California ready pretty much a hot mess, with a cakey powder face and a dirty bun. Some might even say, my usual.

There is actually not a single photo from me on day one of this trip.. it just wasn't a good time. The rest of the time though... magic. You go for a drive and end up seeing big cities, mountains, ocean, and the desert. It was such an experience, I can't even believe it was real.

I am currently working on a list of all the things I saw while we were there. That list would include places, stores, wildlife, things like that.  It's going to be very interesting... don't miss it!

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  1. Isn't it dreamy there?! We got back from our Cali trip over a month ago and I'm still on cloud 9 from it.