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Monday, September 22, 2014

year one :: paper

As nontraditional as I think my relationship with Aaron is, I have also always thought that sticking to the traditional anniversary gifts would be a fun. So, in keeping with the traditional anniversary schedule, I have successfully celebrated year one with a gift of paper. And if I am being honest, which obviously I am, I am quite proud of myself.

As a person, wife, sister, friend (all that stuff), I am a pretty good mixture of mushy and silly. I don't like to be super emotional all the time, but I can always find the time to be serious. That's why I thought this book was really great. It's paper, and it gave me an outlet for my whole personality.

It had questions like, "I know I first loved you when..." something I answered with a really heartfelt response, and then it had questions like, "If you were a beer, you would be..." which clearly I answered with "Dos Equis - because you ARE the most interesting man in the world." I am who I am, what else can I say.

Aaron took the easy way out and bought me a bracelet. I'm not complaining, it is beautiful. And it was wrapped in paper... totally counts. I'm just looking forward to next year. The traditional gift will be cotton and I am getting new sheets one way or another!

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