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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

me for a day

I think my days are usually pretty boring, but I really like seeing when others do posts like this. So that's why I thought I would play along and photo document my day. It was typical for the most part... less junk food and concerts usually.

It is posts like these that really make me remember why I have a real camera. I'm not sure if it is user error (which it probably is), but it is so incredibly difficult for me to get a good picture with the damn iPhone. Is there an app to make my blurry/fuzzy photos magically in focus? Black and White filter definitely helps... right?

...not pictured: showering...

I woke up, I worked out, I got ready and went to work, I came home had "dinner," (watched a lot of ANTM) and went to a concert. I tried to take a picture with the security guard at work, but it was decided that it was inappropriate.

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