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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

oh the things I have seen

Seriously, I cannot get over this trip. I never really started traveling until I met Aaron.

I remember my first time on an airplane was my junior year of college. I flew with Aaron and his brother to a family Thanksgiving in Florida. Definitely a short flight that I completely freaked out on... it was great!

Since then we have been to a lot of different places and I am pretty much mastering flying, and also hating flying. Yeah, of course I would rather fly than drive to California. That does not mean that I enjoy flying. Really, it's not the actual flight, it is more the processes before and after. Such a hassle shoving my crap into such a small over head bin!

I feel like this post has gotten horribly off track

There are so many things that I saw in California that I found really cool. And maybe you've already seen all of these things before, but I haven't and I am still amazed! So, if you don't like rambling lists you should probably divert your eyes.

Some of The Things I Saw in California:
  • a camel [not a zoo camel, a for real, outside, in a front yard, camel]
  • a road runner
  • a coyote
  • 1 million Priuses 
  • a combo Starbucks/Super Cuts location
  • the "coolest moon ever"
  • San Diego
  • Laguna Beach  [ohhh high school dreams]
  • Hollywood
  • Newport Beach  [omg The OC! I know I was way late to that party but I love it anyway]
  • San Francisco
  • a surfer
  • a surfer surfing
  • the Pacific Ocean
  • the desert
  • mountains
  • the garlic capitol of the world  [everything legit smelled like garlic: happy place]
  • avocado paired with everything I ordered
  • beautiful sunny skies every. single. day.
  • some of the most expensive homes in the country
  • "homeless" people sleeping on the street with dogs
  • the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • a woman guarding the star of Michael Jackson and setting the mood with candles
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Beverly Hills
  • the Hollywood Sign
  • Petco Park
  • a baseball game from my hotel room 3 nights in a row
  • a yacht gated community [seriously!], and,
  • beautiful sunsets and sunrises 
I think that about covers everything worth mentioning...    


  1. Wasn't it so weird how everything smelled like garlic in that town?! We've talked about that non-stop since coming back. Ooohhh, I want to go back to California like...yesterday.

  2. Sounds like you had quite a visit to California! I lived there for a short time in my adult life. directly after college(shortly after arriving(like 8 months I guess) my ex deployed on a deployment leaving me & one other Marine wife I knew to my own devices) & you absolutely saw more in you visit than I did the entire time I lived there! I almost made it to Disney until our car tire died & we spent the day wandering some random mall while 4 new tires were installed in the nearby Sears Auto center thingy. Kudos to you & all the sights you saw!! A camel in a front yard is definitely a sight I'm sure not many have seen!!