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Monday, December 3, 2012

did I ever tell you...

that Kalie [my dog] is Jewish?
I'm not so sure how this might have come up, other than the fact that I am obsessed.
but, now you know! Kalie, is in fact [side note, I have always thought in fact was one word] Jewish.
her religious background might explain why she looks so annoyed in this photo:
regardless of her mood, [ya know, being forced into Christmas garb] she looks incredibly cute!
before I got laid off I had plans of also forcing her to do some sort of Hanukkah giveaway on the blog.
you know, something like the 12 days of Christmas... the 8 nights of Kalie/Hanukkah
I would take a new picture of her each day, 
and she would do a nightly giveaway to a different follower each night of Hanukkah.
however, now both of us is broke and she will be lucky to get anything for Hanukkah.
[how many times can I say Hanukkah in this post?]

keeping in the theme of the holidays...
yesterday was incredibly stressful for me.
holidays, stress, you know... it's all the same.
I took my first baby pictures last night.
I basically thought I was going to vomit all day.
babies move a lot you guys...
a lot more than a dog staring at a cookie.
overall it was really good practice and I got some good shots.
I look forward to showing you more.
follow me on instagram to see tons of photos from my everyday life too [thisismyrealhair]

have an awesome day, okay?!
and if you have any ideas for Ticked Off Tuesday email them to me!!


  1. Haha you have told me many times, for years, that Kalie is Jewish. I still think you should do Hanukkah outfits & post them each night for us :)

  2. hahaha, did you just decide to make your dog Jewish? Personally, my dog celebrates Chrismukkah.