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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

i'm the birthday girl!

people... it is my birthday!!!
are you excited!?  damn straight you are!
I have two presents for you.
one is a guest post from someone I like..
and the other thing is.. it is this:
ohhh yeah. that just happened.
that is a picture of Aaron and I from my 16th birthday.
since I know you can keep a secret I will tell you that this picture is officially 10 years old.
totally sexual right? it does not get more attractive than this.
or does it? scroll down to find out.

Amanda Birthday
Hello! I’m “Person Kalie” as Amanda calls me. 
I blog over at With Style & Grace.  Amanda is making letting me take over her blog today.

In reality, Amanda celebrates a birthday week, and I am sure is off doing better things right now.

But seriously, I got my birthday package in the mail yesterday...
we live 40 miles apart, and my birthday was a month ago!
To set the record straight, I was friends with Amanda before she adopted Canine Kalie (as I call her).

That Jewish dog totally stole my name. Amanda texted me and said “So look, I got a dog, she has the same name as you. I can’t break her heart by changing it. So you are now Person Kalie.” And we have went with it ever since.

I met Amanda because she lived down the hall from me our freshman year in college.

Neither one of us likes to admit that that was over 7 years ago, nor that we are both still in school.

This gem of a picture is from the very start of our freshman year. Thank goodness we both have changed so much! I had to practically beg her to send it to me since it is so embarrassing. 
Safe to say neither one of us look like that anymore.
thank you jesus... how terribly unattractive and round is my face in this picture?
i still wish i had that black sabbath t-shirt though...
I will leave you with a few random pieces of information about myself:

I am not Jewish like Canine Kalie, and I absolutely adore decorating Christmas Trees. 
If I could do it professionally, I would.

I am a shoe lover like Amanda too, but not the hooker heels she wears.

I am a runner too. I trained for a half marathon over the summer but sprained my knee 3.5 weeks before my race and couldn’t run.

Writing in Sharpies is my favorite (as it is Amanda’s) and things must be color coordinated.

I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite. Name that movie & we can be best friends.

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  1. HAPPY (almost) BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! [Hey, it is still Wednesday in central time ;) ]

    This post is awesome! Thanks, Kalie! Those pictures are awesome :D

    - Sara

  2. You & Aaron both look so young, especially him. Seriously I die. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday (again). And I told you ONE of my pictures was nice :)

  3. how was I not following you before?!?!?!!?! i love your blog.
    and happy birthday

    that pic is amazing.